The Years of Building Dangerously

By Tariq Khalil

Retronesia is a unique style guide: Indonesia as seen through classic 1950s buildings. Captivating photography and postcard-sized stories revive the once-prestigious places that signified the modern Indonesian lifestyle. Retronesia features the mavericks who designed dangerously, making the unconventional desirable. Co-starring their eccentric townhouses, public buildings, and forgotten mountain villas, Retronesia is the perfect resources to inspire you to find your own retro treasures!

Tariq Khalil’s narrative photographs focusing on buildings and their histories have been exhibited in Dubai, Pakistan, Greece and across the UK. Depot Daylight, his first solo exhibition in London in 2005, was a monochromatic study of railway buildings scattered across the UK. Tariq then embarked on a two-year journey to document Places Were Home, a visual study of the fate of abandoned properties on both sides of the India-Pakistan border. An original work, Places traced the fate of some winners and losers in the vast land swap following independence.

Places was first exhibited as a solo show at Asia House London in 2007 then became part of an international group show with noted artists under Green Cardamom’s Lines of Control between 2008 and 2009. Retronesia was first exhibited as a solo work-in-progress at the Jakarta Architecture Trienniale in 2012 and after some six years in the making, is Tariq’s most ambitious project to date.

17.5 x 24 cm (Portrait)
190 pages in full color
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