Algorithm Strategies on Instagram

Although the algorithm may feel impossible to master at times, there are a few strategies on Instagram that can be used to increase the success and visibility of your account. 

Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing as the platform proceeds to add new features and increase the expectations of its users. Even veteran creators can be thrown for a loop at times when things shift and they have to play catch up to jump back into it. Here are a few key techniques you can utilize to grow your account like a pro.


The most effective way to increase the visibility of your profile on Instagram right now is to utilize the Reels feature. Instagram introduced Reels to directly compete with TikTok’s growing popularity. To achieve preference over TikTok, Instagram has been prioritizing Reels content on their Explore page leading to massive visibility and growth for accounts that post videos consistently.


The more you post to Instagram, the higher you will rank in the algorithm. The downside of this is that you don’t want to clog up your followers’ feeds by making almost a dozen regular posts a day. Instagram found a way to combat this by allowing creators to create a carousel of photos in one post.

Carousel posts are effective because they increase the amount of time that viewers spend on your page or content, which is Instagram’s primary goal. If you are keeping users engaged for long stretches of time, the algorithm recognizes it and will prioritize your content. 

An added benefit to this feature is that it allows you to get more creative in the way you present information. You have the ability to utilize a storytelling method to share valuable or meaningful material with your audience.


Another important strategy is to increase your outbound engagement on the platform. Though, you’ll want to keep in mind that not all engagement is created equal. To build a strong community on Instagram, make sure your engagement with other pages is authentic and valuable. Engage with as many accounts as you can, but also take the time to engage with the right accounts in the most genuine manner possible. In addition to liking the posts, take a moment to come up with a well-thought-out comment that is a direct response to what the creator posted.

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