Aman Continues Its Journey to Wellbeing with the Launch of Aman Spa Candles

Encompassing a global constellation that spans across 20 countries and with wellbeing at its core, Aman has offered its guests the opportunity to seek transformative experiences at its hotels and resorts in breathtaking locations since 1988. 

From jungle to desert, countryside to city, each Aman property welcomes its guests into a comforting and holistic space to connect body and mind. Drawing on the brand’s roots, destinations and the Earth’s vast apothecary, Aman continues its lifestyle journey with the launch of Aman Spa Candles. 

Echoing the three pathways of the Aman Skincare collectionwhich launched in 2018, the candles deliver exquisite scents that bring warmth and light, making it possible to escape the frenzy of daily life and enjoy the serenity of Aman from the comfort of one’s home. 

The inaugural range features three beautifully scented 220g candles that follow the Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing pathways inspired by Aman Spas and influenced by the varied landscapes of Aman’s destinations. Offering a distinct journey to wellbeing, the candles can be used individually or together to provide varying benefits such healing, soothing, energising or rejuvenating. 

From refreshing notes of floral rose to the sensuous spice of ginger, each Aman Spa Candle offers a unique scent – whether seeking a moment of calm, comfort or invigoration. With a balancing base of rich and earthy sandalwood layered into each one of the scents, the candles have a total burn time of approximately 40 hours and comprise of a combination of natural and mineral waxes. Jet black in hue, the wax is individually poured into an elegant glass vessel, which has been blown and cut by hand. 

The Collection 

Grounding Spa Candle 

A soothing, calming candle 

Aroma Profile: Warm notes of ginger and a heart of jasmine encourage stillness and tranquillity Aromatic Benefits: calming, meditative, tranquillity 

Nourishing Spa Candle 

A nurturing, comforting candle 

Aroma Profile: Top notes of bergamot nurture and comfort, fostering a soothing atmosphere Aromatic Benefits: nurturing, comforting, soothing 

Purifying Spa Candle 

An energising, invigorating candle 

Aroma Profile: Floral layers of rose and geranium create a refreshing scent that works to energise and uplift Aromatic Benefits: uplifting, refreshing, energising 

Available for purchase online at the Aman Shop (, in all Aman Spas and in the boutiques at every Aman property. 

Website: Instagram: @theamanshop 

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