Symptoms, Causes, and Effects of Gambling Addiction

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Gambling is one of the most dangerous human vices, as it presents the illusion of easy money but can quickly lead to financial ruin. The odds never work in your favor whether it’s poker, blackjack or whatever; gambling is a successful industry because the house always wins. To go to go to see what about too, causes and diseases and diseases.

Different Types of Gambling Addiction

Online Gambling is a diverse activity, so different types of gambling addictions exist. It’s not always obvious when someone is addicted to gambling. Contrary to popular belief, the act of gambling is not limited to slot machines, cards and casinos.

Buying lottery tickets online, entering a sweepstakes, or betting with friends are also forms of gambling. Gambling addiction can occur when a person feels that they are in financial ruin.

These frantic people think they can only solve their problems by risking what little they have in the quest to earn large sums of money.

Unfortunately, this almost always leads to a cycle where gamblers feel they have to win back their losses, and the cycle continues until the person is forced to seek rehab to break their habit.

Another type of gambling addiction occurs when a gambler plays a game and makes a risky bet in order to experience the high emotions associated with taking big risks that sometimes pay off.

In both cases, the person affected by the addiction must have a desire to stop the behavior, not just to please family and friends.

If you, or your loved ones, want to stop gambling but don’t know where to start, call our hotline at for the resources needed to initiate the recovery process.

What Causes Gambling Addiction?

Many factors can contribute to gambling addiction. Some of these include the feeling of desperation for money, the desire to experience thrills and pleasure, the social status associated with being a successful gambler, and the entertainment atmosphere of the mainstream gambling scene.

Unfortunately, once gambling addiction occurs, breaking the cycle is difficult. Severe addiction can occur when a person feels financially discouraged and wants to get back what has been lost.

Once that person finally wins, even though they may end up raising a large sum of money from that win, it is seldom enough to make up for what is already lost.

Most gamblers never even come close to breaking even.

What are the signs that you have started gambling addiction?

The signs of a gambling problem are often the same as other signs of addiction. Common signs of addiction include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Feel the need to keep gambling secret
  2. Has difficulty controlling gambling habits
  3. Gamble when you can’t
  4. Your friends and family raise concerns about your gambling

Of course, as with any addiction, the hallmark of the problem of gambling is that you feel like you can’t quit. If you feel the need to try one more time, or if you feel anxious when you think about quitting, you are likely addicted to gambling.

If you think you or a loved one may be suffering from a gambling addiction, call to talk about signs of gambling addiction and your personal situation.

Emotional Symptoms of Excessive Gambling Addiction

Excessive gambling often causes many emotional symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts and tendencies. In extreme situations, this thinking can lead gamblers to actually attempt to end their life.

Losing everything because gambling is devastating and leaves many people feeling truly hopeless.

Physical Symptoms of Excessive Gambling

Since gambling can cause depression, anxiety, and a tendency to self-harm, some physical signs should be aware of. Depression and anxiety sometimes lead to sleep deprivation, which can lead to pale skin, weight gain or weight loss, acne and dark circles under the eyes.

Short and Long Term Effects of Gambling Addiction

Gambling is associated with many additional effects, both in the short and long term. Gambling addiction often leads to other addictions that serve as coping mechanisms for people who are stressed by the activity.

Many gamblers turn to drugs, alcohol and other activities to reduce the anxiety caused by a gambling lifestyle.

Even if a gambler has never experienced a financial breakdown as a result of his lifestyle, they may struggle with drug and alcohol addiction for the rest of life after self medicating for stress. Additionally, relationships are often permanently damaged by gambling.

If you think you have a gambling problem, ask yourself if you would be okay if you stopped gambling now. If you are feeling anxious or as if you shouldn’t quit just yet, then you are likely experiencing a gambling addiction.

However, if you are unsure, please call our hotline at any time to speak to someone who can help you assess whether or not you have a problem and need help recovering it.

Depression and Gambling

Since gambling addiction is often associated with depression, be on the lookout for signs that you, or someone you love, is suffering from this debilitating disorder. Lethargy, fatigue, changes in appetite and unhappiness are some of the symptoms of many people who suffer from depression.

Depression is often not something that can be controlled easily. If you suspect you or a loved one is suffering from depression, contact the authority immediately.

Getting Help Quit Gambling

Quitting gambling is not easy, but it can be done with the help of a solid support group and treatment program. It can be difficult to embark on the path to recovery without professional help who has helped people through the previous process. Supportive friends and family are essential for a full recovery, but they may not know how best to help you.

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