Vutura Launches Chat-Bot Platform with AI Technology

Impact 2020: AI On Your Fingertips 

Vutura by Telkom Indonesia launched an innovation in AI (Artificial Intelligence) product, bringing a smart business solution for the business community in the form of a chat-bot platform to communicate with the consumers, 30 January 2020. By applying the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Vutura’s virtual assistant will not only improve human and machine interaction, but also provide a solution for the business community in creating an easy and flexible way to communicate with the consumers.

Vutura’s chat-bot application, developed by using artificial intelligence technology, enables the business community in Indonesia to be able to improve their customer support activities by combining chat-bot technology with human for a faster and better interaction, improves customer satisfaction, and in the long run increases revenues. In Indonesia, chat-bot has become a promising technological investment and Vutura’s innovation in AI is a suitable choice for various types of businesses.

Vutura’s CEO, Riztama Prawita stated that, “Vutura intends to introduce how AI (Artificial Intelligence technology) can be applied in numerous business aspects, especially customer engagement accordingly to related field. Vutura is developed in such a way that it is easy to use, flexible and insightful. Not only that Vutura is easy to use because users can setup their own chat-bot to fit the existing business needs, it can also be used anytime and anywhere, while at the same time saves up on company’s expense (Capable, Accessible & Affordable). In addition, Vutura is also flexible because the chat-bot can be connected to any messaging application.” 

Riztama explained that in order to improve customer engagement experience, Vutura can be integrated into a number of instant message applications that are popular among Indonesians, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE and Telegram. Vutura can even be connected to a client’s website or mobile application.

A number of big institutions in Indonesia had already taken advantage of Vutura, such as Global Komunika, Kimia Farma, even Telkom Indonesia as well as The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS). Digital Fundraising Manager of BAZNAS, Hafiza Elfira Nofitariani stated, “Zavira (Chatbot developed by Vutura) has given so much benefit. By simply adding @BAZNASIndonesia as a friend at the menu of LINE’s official account, users can inquire various information regarding Islamic religious donations (zakat, infak and sedekah).

Vutura’s launching also presents Impact 2020 event: AI On Your Fingertips, in the form of a Talkshow about the use of artificial intelligence technology for business, featuring the speakers such as Vutura’s CEO Riztama Prawita, CEO of Qiscus Delta Purna Widyangga, Digital Fundraising Manager of BAZNAS Hafiza Elfira Nofiatariani and LINE Product Development Manager Dewanda Saputri. is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) company providing the public with the ability to automate the work and service system without having to deal with technical issues. With a simple feature to create a chat-bot and live chat. 

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