ESSC Esri Indonesia Presents Jakarta Flood Map Portal

To Support Flood Management

The flood that occurred throughout Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi on January 1, 2020 which has brought deep wound to the society is still in the back of our minds. The water level almost reached 15 inches or three times greater than usual due to the high rainfall intensity. Ciliwung and Cisadane rivers were overflowed, and a number of floodgates were assigned emergency status. 

48 people reportedly passed away due to landslides, hypothermia, electrocution and lastly drowned in the flood current. Due to security reasons, power cuts were carried out in most affected areas. The transportation network is disrupted including LRT (Light Rail Transit), busway, train, toll road and airport.

These conditions certainly hamper the effectiveness of emergency response and evacuation related to the disaster that occurred. Therefore, Esri Indonesia also helps and supports the government in tackling and responding to flood disasters. Through the Emergency Spatial Support Center (ESSC) that was initiated by Esri Indonesia, a portal called the Jakarta Flood Map was created.

Dr. A. Istamar, CEO of Esri Indonesia explained, “This portal includes a dashboard for monitoring floodgates (Jakarta Floodgate Monitoring), display of flood-affected areas and flood level, list of public facilities affected by floods, story map about Jakarta floods, and the flood victims refugee area mapping.”

Istamar further explained that the data used on the Jakarta Flood Map is the fastest and most accurate data because it is sourced directly from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, Dukcapil, BNPB, and other related government agencies. For Jakarta Floodgate Monitoring, data is collected from all floodgates in Jakarta in near real time, complete with the status of each floodgate.

The dashboard was successfully used by volunteers and stakeholders in DKI Jakarta, thus accelerating decision making regarding the flood disaster. Therefore, it can be concluded that this portal is able to function optimally and is useful in providing location-based intelligence information through geospatial technology.

Esri Indonesia as the official representative of Esri, a Geographic Information System (GIS) developer company headquartered in Redlands, California, continues to utilize geospatial technology for disaster mitigation, providing reliable and accurate data for stakeholders, volunteers, to analyze aggregates data to address risks that have an impact on infrastructure, environment, and society.

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