Men on A Mission

Whether it’s taking pole position, or timing a hot lap down to the millisecond, the people behind the cars and watches share a rare affinity.

At the respective headquarters of Bell & Ross and Renault F1® Team, two passionate teams are out to conquer time with their precision-engineered machines. The personal and professional stories behind these men of action embody identical values: performance, dedication, technical expertise and courage. 

Anyone who follows the sport of F1® knows that the winning formula is always teamwork. It takes hundreds of people to get their two men over the finish line, after all, –and the same goes for exceptional watchmaking. Since 1977, as with the centuries- old Swiss tradition, the engineers and designers at Renault F1® Team have sought velocity through mechanical accuracy and collaborative innovation; they share the conviction that every millisecond counts. 

Teamwork isn’t just limited to the individual teams –as Bell & Ross’ R.S.19 watches prove, their respective passion really can cross- fertilize, creating more than the sum of their parts. 

Daniel Riccardo & Nico Hulkenberg

To celebrate the perseverance, talent and training needed to achieve the highest performance, a team-inspired campaign will accompany the new collection launch. Daniel, Nico and other extraordinary people will walk the public through the life, ritu- als and preparation of both Renault F1® Team and Bell & Ross teams. 

With 2019’s Formula 1® season well underway, Renault F1® Team faces its most exciting opportunity in years. The talent behind the wheel and the technology being harnessed are unmatched. The same goes for Bell & Ross’ R.S.19 collection novelties that are more track-ready than ever. 

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