Antoni Tàpies @ the 58th Art Biennale

Aman Venice is honoured to be partnering with Christie’s to showcase the work of Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies (1923-2012). The timely exhibition highlights four works of his art throughout the property during the 58th Art Biennale. 

Born in 1923 in Barcelona, Spain, Tàpies originally studied law while pursuing art. Artist and fellow Catalan Joan Miró was an integral influence on his early surrealist work. He was later part of a post second world war generation of artists who broke visual rules and lay the foundations for a new era. His mixed-media paintings incorporated resin, marble dust and found objects; highly tactile and textured, they reflected Spain’s post-war state. ‘Blau amb doble oval’, part of this vernissage, is an iconic example of his unique style. Later, as part of the ‘Art Informel’, his work became more abstract and nuanced, as seen in the work ‘Tela lligada’ on display at Aman Venice. 

Tàpies’ body of work reflects the theme of the 58th International Art Exhibition, titled ‘May You Live In Interesting Times’, and which will take place from 11 May to 24 November. The title evokes an English invention, long mistakenly cited as an ancient Chinese curse that invoked periods of uncertainty, crisis and turmoil. Exactly the times we live in today and something reflected in the materiality of Tàpies’ work. 

“If one draws things in a manner which provides only the barest clue to their meaning, the viewer is forced to fill in the gaps by using his own imagination,” Tàpies reflected. “He is compelled to participate in the creative act, which I consider very important.” 

The exhibition is on view at Aman Venice from 6th May to 12th May, 2019 


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Born in Barcelona in 1923, Tàpies grew up in an environment where he was very much exposed to the cultural and social experiences of leaders in Catalan public life. At 17, he suffered a near-fatal heart attack caused by tuberculosis and spent two years convalescing in the mountains, pursuing an interest in art. Later, following in his Father’s footsteps, he studied law for 3 years, but then, from 1943 onwards, devoted himself only to painting. He became known as one of Spain’s most renowned artists in the second half of the 20th century, with his abstract and avant-garde works displayed in major museums all over the world. 

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