Talamonti Wine Dinner a la Abruzzo, Italy

At Swiss-Belresort Dago Heritage

Between the dense daily routines that make you tired, a European-class dinner experience might be able to give a different touch of color. Dago Heritage Swiss-Belresort collaborates with The Peak Connoisseurs and Talamonti presents Abruzzo-style dinners, the Apennini, Italy association area, presented with the name Talamonti Wine Dinner.

The event will be held on Friday, April 26 2019 starting at 18.30 WIB in Dago Heritage Swiss-Belresort. The menu that was served was the result of good curations from Swiss Belresort chefs, Samuel Tumbelaka and Salvatore Campione, from Talamonti and Arief Moh from The Peak Connoisseurs.

As an appetizer, a combined avocado scallop and tartare mango, served with micro green salmon, premature dill leaves and balsamic reduction. Trebi 2017 will complete the presentation. The turn of Bouillabaisse later became a classic French soup containing fresh squid, shellfish and shrimp from the Mediterranean region with the aroma of turmeric and jelly pesto and green micro. Pairing with soup, Talamonti Rose 2017 is on standby to surprise your tongue. In the pause before menu three, refreshments are provided in the form of molecular raspberries.

Coated with lamb spices, doused with mustard creme de saffron sauce will be the highlight of the next dish, served with Canneloni spinach, green asparagus and Brussels sprouts. Talamonti Moda 2017 will accompany the dish. At the time of the next dish, the Ossobucco ala la Milenese slow is served with Pome souffle Tuscany, amateur tomatoes, vegetables and dark red beef wine au jus. Accompanied by the 2015 Trademark Tresaggi.

In closing, pears with red wine reduction combined with the aroma of lemon grass will complement your Italian dinner, also guided by the 2015 Tresaggi Award.

You can enjoy a series of special dishes at a price of Rp499,000 per pax. The swimming pool setting, challenging by the view of peace and light of the city, with a typical Bandung breeze that might be suitable will be a challenge that is difficult for you to get. For reservations, please contact Slamet, at number 0822-1404-9716. Or you can contact + 62-22 2045 999. Then, get an unforgettable Italian-style dinner experience.

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