The Biggest Ever Skechers Sundown Festival

Siloso Beach Sentosa, from 19 To 21 April 2019 

Asia’s definitive music and arts festival, Skechers Sundown Festival, is back in Singapore for its 10th edition — and the event’s biggest to date. 

Organised by Red Spade Entertainment and presented by Skechers, the festival brings to our island an exhilarating line-up of music performances and art installations. Evolved into a larger-than-life 3D2N party, Skechers Sundown Festival has musically united 11 countries from around the region since 2014 to generate hype amongst festivalgoers, and bridge the diversity of Asian countries. This year’s lineup is a full-blown participation from the countries across music, arts, culture and food. Catch award winning design architects, films and musicians representing China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. 

Vincent Leung, President of Skechers Southeast Asia says “It brings us great pleasure to be the title sponsor of Sundown Festival this year. Skechers has always been supportive of the music industry and we’re excited to showcase Asia music and culture to the world through this one-of-a-kind mega festival.” 


Skechers Sundown Festival’s tagline, “Asia Music Wonderland”, aims to unite people with curious and imaginative spirits. Designed for anyone with a love for Asian music and its diverse entertainment scene, the festival is programmed to celebrate all things Asian, and promote its values and spirit during the 3D2N event — through music, food, art, and culture. 

Kelvin Goh and Samantha Chan, co-founders of Skechers Sundown Festival shared that the festival celebrates Asian talent and diversity with a stellar lineup of international music acts representing Asian roots. The time for Asia is now and together with Skechers, they are committed to transforming local dreams to global footprints — something that they see as an important value-add for the performers. 

With more than 50 Asian artists at the NC-16 festival, and fronted by veteran music artists, the stages are set to be lit. Look forward to the heavy metal prowess of Crossfaith (Japan) and DJ Laidback Luke (Philippines), hip-hop tunes from MFBTY (South Korea) and Higher Brothers (China), and the melodic crooning from Charlie Lim (Singapore). Other performers include DJ KoFlow (Singapore), DJ Shogun (Taiwan), Henry Fong (China), and many more artists listed on (Third wave of line-up will be announced soon with a mega Kpop group.) 


In addition to music, Skechers Sundown Festival takes pride in its curated collaboration of Asian content creators from the art and film industries. Expect larger than life art installations of the wonderland theme that drives home the message of our environmental crisis in Asia curated by Borneo Laboratory, led by Wendy Teo. Inspired by its pristine nature, the spirit of Borneo is all about being conscientious and holistic in action. It is the same spirit has established harmony, conversation and symbiosis between man and nature. Borneo Laboratory is interested in infusing this spirit into cross-regional collaborations that manifest empathetic, universal values. As a ‘design and make’ laboratory, Borneo Laboratory is interested in realising truthful actions as evidence of the positive changes we need to see in the modern world. 

Wendy Teo, founder and curator of Borneo Laboratory, says: “Conventionally people do not associate the environment with entertainment. We see a need to change that through collaboration with game changers from different disciplines. We also see the need to talk about the elephant in the room, namely the carbon footprint that a number of festivals have created, despite being depicted as environmentally conscious and enlightening.’’ 

On the Saturday of Skechers Sundown Festival, film buffs can also enjoy two award-winning films by Anticipate Pictures — Japanese drama-comedy which won 2nd prize in the Cinéfondation at the Cannes Film Festival, Oh Lucy!, featuring Josh Hartnettand Chinese animated dark comedy film which won the Best Animation at the Golden Horse Award, Have A Nice Day

Vincent Quek, CEO of Anticipate Pictures, says: “Oh Lucy!is one of those bittersweet tales you won’t soon forget – a dramedy anchored by a profound sense of growing older and rediscovering one’s zest for life and love. Have A Nice Day on the other hand is an animated black comedy Pulp Fiction style of all these memorable characters chasing down a stolen bag of money set in contemporary China. Together our two films should give Sundown audiences much to cry, laugh and be moved!” 

Rudolph Van der Ven, festival producer of Skechers Sundown Festival, says: “We’re looking forward to not only the diversity and culmination of the arts, but also I am particularly excited to have M17 Entertainment streaming artists such as IVI partake in this year’s festival to showcase the evolution of musicians. It’s such a breakthrough for Singapore — the combination of music, food and fashion stalls, art installations, and film screenings will be phenomenal.” 


Held at Siloso Beach Sentosa, the event ground is staged to showcase a vibrant wonderland. Festival goers have the option of flitting between the three main stages, named Utopia, Nirvana, and Eden, with utmost ease. 

The 10th edition of Skechers Sundown Festival also aims to bring the festival to the global community. M17 Entertainment — Sundown Festival’s digital partner — will send six of their best-performing streamers to Siloso Beach Sentosa for the event, ensuring that a wider network of people is able to participate in the fun via live streaming. IVI, their established all- female pop act will be making their debut in Singapore at Sundown Festival and the other top five streamers will compete for a performing slot through an online competition on 17 Media app. 

Jessie Wu, head of marketing and vice-president of M17 Entertainment, says: “As a leader in the social entertainment space, we are delighted to showcase top-notch talents from our platform as well as our technical capabilities to amplify Skechers Sundown Festival experience and bring the festival ‘live’ to our global community of 40 million users. The synergy is far-reaching as we are committed to a similar mission – to enable meaningful connections and empower talents through a widely accessible live entertainment stage and premium live content.” 

To cap off the festival vibes, there will be 50 spaces allocated to Freedom Camp, where enthusiasts can pitch their own tent for the duration of the festival. Alternatively, enjoy a lap of luxury at Campville, a dedicated 3D2N full-board glamping experience. The plush bell tents will be furnished with four single beds, fresh linen and towels, and accommodate up to four people per tent. Each tent will also come with a carton of beer and two bottles of champagne for the perfect evening unwind. Limited to 50 luxury tents only. 

Sundown Festival will run from Friday, 19 April 2019 to Sunday, 21 April 2019 at Siloso Beach Sentosa. 

Ticketing charges are as follows: 

  • 3-day pass at $160 
  • 2-day pass at $130 
  • 1-day pass at $70 
  • Tickets purchased at the door at $85 
  • $1,100 for 3D2N Campville experience. Each tent can accommodate up to 4 pax, and includes breakfast, two bottles of champagne and one carton of beer. 
  • $300 for 3D2N Freedom Camp experience. Bring-your-own tent and a space will be provided – the tent should not exceed maximum capacity of 2 pax.

Early bird ticket sales (35% off all pass categories except Campville and Freedom Camp) will end on 17 February 2019. Regular ticket sales will commence on 18 February 2019 and end on 20 April 2019. Tickets can be purchased at All participants must be at least 16 years of age. 

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