Highly Anticipated New Thrill Ride Opens with Epic Offer to Boot

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival has unveiled its much-anticipated thrill ride, the Remix Extreme. As the name suggests, the ride is truly one for the most devoted extreme thrill seeker. With a total of 26 rotations per minute, traveling at speeds of over 100 kilometres per hour, and generating a G-Force of 3.8, the Remix Extreme is billed as possibly the Carnival’s wildest ride. 

“The Remix Extreme is renowned throughout the Carnival industry world-wide as one of the most thrilling and exhilarating rides due to its sheer speed, rotation and flow. As with all of our rides, this is of the highest quality European manufacturing standards and operated by the most experienced showmen in the business. It’s wonderful that it is making its debut in Singapore, it’s well worth a ride!” explained Josh Myers, Co-Producer of the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. 

Two is Better than One 

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival today announced a 2-for-1 offer on all rides and games*, which will run for a limited period from 28 February 2019 until 10 March 2019. This special offer is made possible with the support of the carnival’s title sponsor, Prudential Singapore. 

“The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is about celebrating the relationships we have with our loved ones, and is a great place to reinforce bonds and build new ones. We hope this special promotion will encourage more people to create special memories at the Carnival as they experience the fun and thrills of it all,” said Goh Theng Kiat, Chief Customer Officer, Prudential Singapore. 

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival welcomed over 1,000,000 visitors through its debut season last year and is now entering the third and final month of its second edition. The event is produced through a joint venture between Pico Pro and The Great European Carnival, both leading event producers.

*The Epic 2-for-1 Offer extends to all rides and games with exception of the Hook A Bag and Odd Numbers. For Hook A Bag, the cost for 2 bags will be 10 Credits, and for Odd Numbers, the cost for 20 tickets is 8 Credits. On all other Games, you will pay full price for one game and get an additional game for free. Riders will pay full price for one ride and their friend or companion will join them for free. Terms and conditions apply. 

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