United Nations Invites Earth Ledger to Present Their Blockchain Solution to Climate Change

SmartMinds, a values-driven consultancy company in the field of organizational development and innovative technology has been invited by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) to present their solutions towards global climate change at “The Earth Innovation Forum.” On the 5th September 2018, world leaders, visionaries, and scholars will gather to discuss “Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production.”

SmartMinds’ CEO Mark Copeland has been invited to discuss the future of social good and the role technology plays in creating positive impact at a global scale. His company’s latest project, Earth Ledger, has found the solution to resolving climate change using blockchain technology, and Mr. Copeland will address the importance of creating a common-good system to revolutionize environmental change and sustainability.

The conference serves as a key component for the UNEA that creates effective partnerships, sustainable socio-economic paradigms and new modes of operation for global culture. SmartMinds will illustrate how Earth Ledger will restore balance to our environment and its ecosystems.

About Earth Ledger

Earth Ledger is a positive-impact platform that provides a wide range of ways to contribute to the restoration of our environment by bringing individuals, organizations, and nations together to research, vote, and solve global challenges. Built around a system of consensus, the world can now connect and work together to resolve global challenges and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

About Mark Copeland

Mark has been traveling the world for over 20 years and has worked across more than 10 different industries. As an early mover in the blockchain space, Mark has been involved in digital assets, technology and D.A.O (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) business structures. His experience has inspired him to build an education platform, helping organizations and individuals understand the implications of a decentralized model on global culture.

Combining years of travel and personal development with a certification  through the Barrett Values Centre, Mark has compiled his experiences and knowledge into tangible best-practices & high-impact training. He has developed a framework that leads individuals to build a trust-based & values-driven world.

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