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Explore the process and inspirations behind nineteen of her interior design projects

Foreword by Janet Jackson, Text by Jennifer Goulding

British designer Katharine Pooley is proud to present her first book in collaboration with Assouline – Journey By Design. Featuring nineteen of her interior design projects, which display a variety of designs from properties all over the world, this book is a showcase of how her sophisticated, sumptuous interiors are inspired by a lifelong zest for adventure. Katharine has travelled to over 150 countries and has worked on hundreds of commissions across the globe, ranging from 300 to 100,000 square meters.

“Katharine Pooley’s book is a testimony to beauty. Her vision is never superficial; it’s deeply emotional”, says Janet Jackson, a published author, dancer, businesswoman, and philanthropist, and one of the best-selling artists of all time. Katharine is also described as a “wonderfully gifted woman driven by the need to create beauty in everything she touches”.

From the rustic country charm of Forter Castle in the Scottish Highlands, to a contemporary beach villa on the Palm Islands in Dubai, to the golden-red tones of a private residence in Doha, Qatar, Katharine explores the creative process and diverse inspirations behind nineteen of these inimitable spaces. Each project highlights Katharine’s expert attention to detail which shines in any setting, and the very finest craftmanship from the countless multicultural influences she has taken in during her extensive travels. Katharine has no signature style in designs. She believes that creating a home is an intimate process that requires trust, listening to individuals and delivering a clients’ vision to make their “dreams come true”. Below are some examples of her renowned design projects.

Pied-à-terre, Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London

Like other projects, many of Katharine’s projects are for repeat clients, such as this lavish pied- à-terre in London’s Mayfair. Inspired by the building’s Art Deco architecture, Katharine added in a luxury touch to this apartment – with strong lines, maple and walnut timbers in high gloss finishes, Italian marbles and inlaid bronze details to create a look that is masculine yet glamourous. The entrance hall is complemented with a few splendid pieces, such as the hand-gilded chandelier that adds an extra layer of opulence, while the contemporary colour palette and accessories bring a more modish accent to the home.

Private Residence, Kuwait

Located in a residential area of central Kuwait, this four-floor property belongs to a young couple and their four children. Although this is Katharine’s longest assignment to date, she enjoyed working on this project as she was able to showcase the artefacts and antiques her clients had lovingly collected while travelling in the Far East. Katharine was inspired by the places and materials she admired while living in Asia as was able to integrate these influences to the overall design. She paid particular attention to the proportions and details of the cornices, doors, skirting boards and furniture to create a feeling of grandeur and harmony of the whole.

West Bay Villa, Doha, Qatar

The villa is located on a quiet residential street in the West Bay neighborhood of Doha. The owner of this villa had been educated in the United States and he very much enjoys travelling. Katharine’s inspiration came from all over the world. She enjoyed designing a masculine living space for the client, along with a feminine majalis for the owner’s wife. Before carrying out this project, Katharine spent a lot of time in understanding the family and each of their personalities. Each bedroom in this villa is designed to reflect the character of the individual. The result is a vibrant blend of cultures and traditions realized in the finest materials, and precisely tailored to the needs and desires of the client and his family.


Foreword by Janet Jackson; text by Jennifer Goulding

10 x 13 in – 25 x 33 cm | 272 pages | over 400 illustrations | hardcover with jacket ISBN: 9781614286288 | $85 – 85 – £60



About Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley is one of the most sought-after interior designers in the United Kingdom and is commissioned for many landmark commercial and residential properties around the world.

Having once worked in finance, Katharine is a shrewd businesswoman and under her leadership Katharine Pooley Ltd has grown enormously each year from a UK firm undertaking predominantly domestic projects to an internationally well-respected brand and design studio encompassing architectural design, interior design, product design and property development.

Overseeing her team of 47 interior designers and architects, Katharine’s highly personal approach – she immerses herself in every detail of her client’s complex projects – ensures a loyal international fan base for her impressive designs. She also boasts a flagship showroom in Doha and a growing roster of clients based in North America, the Middle East and Asia.

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