Kite Flyers from Six Countries Participated in Rhino Kites Festival, Tanjung Lesung

Dozens of kite flyers and kite enthusiasts took part in the Rhino Kites Festival held this Saturday, May 12, at Tanjung Lesung beach area, Banten. Rhino Kites Festival is part of the series of Rhino Cross Triathlon (or Rhino X-Tri) grand event, the first open cross triathlon in Indonesia.

Rhino Cross Triathlon comprises swimming, bicycle race and running competitions across the beautiful yet challenging terrain in Tanjung Lesung and is to be held on September 29 and 30, 2018.At the festival, kite flyers from six countries flew dozens of ornamental kites to signify the official launch of Rhino Cross Triathlon.

Managing Director of PT Banten West Java (the operator of Tanjung Lesung Special Tourism Economic Zone) & Chief of OC, Rully Lasahido explained that the Rhino Kites Festival was jointly held with IndonesiaKite Museum and signaled the official launch of Rhino X-Tri, the first cross triathlon in Indonesiaand that kite flying was a universal game and sport played not only by children but also by adults.

Rully also said, “As the operator of Tanjung Lesung, we are excited to be able to present an event which carries the theme of sport tourism. This kind of theme is proven to be a draw for domestic and overseas tourists.With a strong commitment, we are organizing Rhino Kites Festival and Rhino Cross Triathlon in late September, which has been entered into Indonesia’s Calendar of Events 2018.”

Ornamental Kites Of Various Shapes And Sizes At The Official Launching Of Rhino Cross Triathlon 2018.

The initiator of Indonesia Kite Museum, Endang Ernawati said, “We flew more than 100 ornamental kites of various shapes, from animals to superhero characters and many others in between. To welcome Rhino Cross Triathlon held later in September, at the Rhino Kite Festival, visitors can also fly their kites with the participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.”

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