Rhino Cross Triathlon, Tanjung Lesung 2018

Tanjung Lesung Special Tourism Economic Zone returns with Rhino Cross Triathlon (or Rhino X-Tri), the first open cross triathlon in Indonesia where the athletes compete in a swimming and cross-country bicycle and running races. Rhino X-Tri will be held on 29-30 September 2018 at the challenging yet beautiful Tanjung Lesung. Aside from Rhino X-Tri, there will also be other events: Rhino Trail Run and Rhino MTB XCM (Rhino Mountain Bike Cross Country Marathon). And to invite more athletes from Asia, the executive committee has signed a partnership with Kuai Sports Promotions, a Hong Kong-based sporting-event consultant to help promote the event.

The expert staff of Multicultural Department of Tourism Ministry and the Executive Chair of Indonesia 2018 Event Calendar, Dra. Esthy Reko Astuty, M.Si., said, “Rhino Cross Triathlon is the main event in the Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung multi-event. Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung is a popular sport tourism event, and it draws many domestic and overseas tourists to come and enjoy the beauty of the nature and cultures of Banten. The tourism ministry, through Banten provincial government, fully supports the event as part of the campaign to draw one million tourists to Tanjung Lesung, as well as to promote Pesona Indonesia program.”

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of PT. Banten West Java (the administrator of Tanjung Lesung Special Tourism Economic Zone) & Chief of OC, Rully Lasahido explained that Rhino X-Tri is held close to other international triathlons, Singapore Triathlon and Beijing Triathlon, hence, making it more interesting for international athletes. “Tanjung Lesung is partnering with Kuai Sports, an event consultant whose part is to promote this event overseas. They suggested that we move the date of the event to a later date for better organization,” Rully said.

Managing Director of Kuai Sports Promotions, Kris Van de Velde said, “Kuai Sports is proud to help promote Rhino X-Tri to regional and international audience. We set a target of 100 international athletes to participate in this exciting event. The time of the event is quite a busy period in the outdoor sporting event calendar in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, so, this is quite challenging for us. Nevertheless, we are excite to do this. Based on last year’s experiences and feedback from the participants, the organizing committee of this 2nd edition of Rhino X-Tri has promised to make this year’s event more exciting  and has better quality.”

Event Director of Rhino X-Tri 2018, Tense Manalu explained, “This year’s Rhino X-Tri offers new challenges and excitement. Different from last year, the cross triathlon has longer distance category. Also, the Rhino Trail Run’s 50 kilometre ultra category is set to be included in the Asian Trail Master 2020 international series of event. “This year’s event will be for verification and trail run,” he added. Tense further encouraged all Indonesian triathletes and triathlon community to take on the new challenges that Rhino X-Tri 2018 has to offer, and not only beat the tougher terrain and track but also enjoy the beauty and exotic landscape of Tanjung Lesung.

The Technical Manager of Rhino X-Tri 2018, Taufik Hidayat explained, “Rhino X-Tri offers three categories: The first one is Eagle category, which is a 1,500-meter swimming competition and 30-kilometer and 15-kilometer bicycle races. The next one is Rhino category which consists of 1,000-meter swimming, 20-kilometer bike race and 10-kilometer running competition. The other one is the Bull category consisting of 500-meter swimming, 10-kilometer bicycle and five-kilometer bicycle race. For Rhino Mountain Bike XCM, athletes can compete in Men Elite, Women Open, Men Open and Men Master categories. We plan to officially open the registration for Rhino X-Tri on 12 – 13 May 2018 at Tanjung Lesung, which will feature Rhino Kite Festival as part of the series of events that lead up to Rhino X-Tri 2018.”

Athletes can also register online via  THIS SITE.

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