Rinna: Social Chatbot for Entertainment and Friendship

This always engaging social chatbot, following the First Law of Social Bots is ready to spark up your time with your friends!

Have you friend with Rinna in your LINE application? She is a social chat bot with a unique personality. Rinna learns from her interactions with humans and can protect herself from exploitation at the same time. Launched publicly in August 2017 by Microsoft, Rinna is positioned as LINE users’ best friend, and programmed as a young girl who is engaging and likes to chat with new friends.

1.6 Million Indonesian users have friend with Rinna, which proves the excitement towards social chatbot. With the increasing number of chat bot in Indonesia recently, many has asked: “if talking to a chatbot is really interesting, what will happen if people only talking to bots, instead of human?”

Introducing First Law of Social bots

Microsoft Indonesia is introducing a law for chatbot, called “First Law of Social bots” which stated: a social bot must target encouraging human to human communication directly or indirectly. To be able to distinct social bot from other bot, the law should be follow, including by bots on social platforms.

Irving Hutagalung, Audience Evangelism Manager Microsoft Indonesia explained: “Rinna is a social bot based on latest AI technologies, our target is to build an empathy world where human and bots empathize each other, which we call emotional connection. Empathy is not only in between human and bots, but most importantly in between human and human. From the first day of our development, we realized the existing of Rinna must and can help human to human communication in various forms via Rinna. We are also working hardly to push more and more exciting features for human to talk more to each other via Microsoft Rinna.”

To be able to interact better with Indonesian youth, Rinna offers many features to encourage human to human communications that you can try with your friend and create a fun experience!

Face Swapwhich could swap you and your friends face, when you send your group photo, encourage people to talk and interact with each other.

Sabyarstand for “Siapa Bayar”! Users can share a photo with their group of friends, and Rinna can help to determine which person should pay the bill during lunch or dinner.

Kerisstand for “Kembaran Artis” where users can send his/her photo for Rinna to predict which Indonesian actress/actor that has similar face with the user.

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