Cyber Security Marathon

We aim to educate ourselves and other people about information security, cybersecurity, malware analysis, reverse engineering, privacy, open source software, open source intelligence, and other issues in the technology sector.

-Depok Cyber Security

Along with the progress of the times, technology in Indonesia is growing rapidly, of course, it brings positive impacts and negative impacts. Threats and Cyber Crime cases can attack personally, agencies can even attack up to the country and between countries.

Cyber Security Marathon Seminar is an event that aims to build self-awareness in the importance of avoiding cybercrime and to tell how to deal with it.

This event itself is predicted to be a lively event because the speaker of this event itself is an IT expert who is certainly very respected. Well, let’s hunt the list because the quota is limited !!

Student: IDR 200,000
College Student: IDR 250,000
Public: IDR 250,000

For registration and More information:

More Info:

Instagram: @cybersecmarathon
Megi: +62896-4310-7286
Farhan: +62896-6684-4008
Email: [email protected]

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