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Jakarta, The digital world is nothing new right now. With social media, Cyber network is very fast spread with the smartphone, Cyber Security Marathon may help you.

Especially with the people who joined from several cyber communities such as Depok Cyber Security, Reversing-ID & IndoXploit never tired to educate the nation’s children using technology positively.

Cyber Security Marathon, the chief organizer of the event, said some communities joined in this event will create seminars and counseling events on several campuses. Because it is very unfortunate if this activity can only be understood by people who are deepening IT alone, but the wider community can also understand IT. because many people are wondering what hackers are and what are they doing?

Cyber Security Marathon

A veiled woman named Veey is a talented young woman. He also with his team said, “we are willing to share our knowledge with friends wherever located, our knowledge will never be less if we share with all friends”.

As a committee of Kang Dul’s activities
Chairman of Cyber Security Marathon said there is also a showcase ability especially to provide awareness of the importance of keeping away from cyber world attacks so that the wider community can and know how to cope with cyber attacks itself and change the general public view of the word “hacker” itself, because the general public still thinks that “hackers” are criminals.

The introduction of Cyber Security Marathon activities is whether to reduce the negative impact of using social media?

“This can definitely be possible,” says Kang Dul. Because with the Cyber Security Marathon, make the public aware of the importance of using social media wisely and can avoid cyber attacks.

Appealed to anyone who wants to participate? certainly very able. Because this activity brings public speakers very easy to understand and understood in general.

Our invitation also hopefully will be attended by, Mayor of Depok KH. Dr. Mohammad Idris and Mr. Deputy Mayor of Depok Pradi Supriatna. And hopefully will be attended by Police & TNI.

Not even half-hearted our first event for the target audience of about 1500 people, given the capacity of the ballroom that we will use in one of the big hotels in the city of Depok, is very large and can accommodate up to 1500 people.

“Our hope is that all of these activities will work well and we are confident that there will be positive values, namely how important we can provide input and direction to the general public, the government and can embrace the entire IT community in Indonesia, especially in Depok. and can provide a little knowledge about how to keep yourself against cyber attacks from within and outside the country and how to cope with it when the cyber attacks that have entered.” -Dul

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