Shadow Fight 3 will be Released soon

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Welcome to Shadow Fight 3

We are excited to invite you to the next chapter of Shadow Fight! We hope you will enjoy its amazing graphics, new animations, memorable characters and much more.

-Shadow Fight 3 Team

Story-driven game

Step into the world of shadows at the time of changes. Reveal all its dark secrets and become the greatest warrior this land has ever seen!

In this RPG-fighting game you will take on a role of a hero whose destiny is not determined yet.



The Heralds are a mysterious faction with unclear motives. They’re often compared to a dormant volcano that can burst at any time. This is well understood in the Legion. Heralds are extremely knowledgeable in Shadow Energy and Shadow-based technologies. The crafty Dynasty finds this knowledge quite useful. The Emperor’s family turn a blind eye to the Heralds’ moving freely about the capital. Alas, the commoners are less sympathetic. They dread gloomy, taciturn fighters in dark attire, give them a wide berth and mutter curses behind their back. Their movements are mathematically precise, quick and deadly, thus even the high and mighties prefer to avoid direct confrontation with the Heralds.


The Legion is a militarist faction. Their aims are simple and clear: eliminating Shadow Energy throughout the world and preventing it from reemergence. Their ideology is stern: they accept no weakness, give no apologies or explanations for their actions, and are willing to make every sacrifice for the sake of humankind. This is why other factions regard the Legion with little favor, to say the least. The Legionaries live by severe laws of the army, valuing subordination, dedication and will above anything else. The Legionaries live by severe laws of the army, valuing subordination, dedication and will above anything else.


The Dynasty’s capital is home to a thousand of combat arts schools; a dense anthill of a city where someone combative and charismatic enough can gather crowds of loyal followers. The capital’s pace of live is very rapid. The people of the Dynasty simply know no other way of living. That’s why the warriors you’ll meet there are swift and elegant, and prefer lightweight weapons. Staking on the Shadow Energy, the Emperor of Dynasty has proved in practice that, if wisely used, it can serve humankind’s good. To many’s surprise, the country flourished! But the Legion was confused by such volatile disposition. Since then, the two factions fell out with each other.



June was born in the capital of the Dynasty. From a young age she has proven herself to be a warm-hearted person. She takes into account interests of ordinary people and understands their needs. Master Galen saw June’s potential and decided to teach this talented girl. Later she joined a group of volunteers to resolve the differences with Legion and to prevent a sanguinary war between two fractions. June knows that in a war there are no “winners”. No justice, no truth, only casualties. And she will do everything possible to make this world a better place to live.


Itu is young and ambitious. He believes with all his heart that the Heralds’ path is

righteous. But unlike the conservative leaders of his faction whose way of looking at things is a bit radical, Itu wants to figure out how life really works. He wants to put a human face on the Heralds’ philosophy to show everybody that there’s nothing to be afraid of. But so far, everyone sees his tribe as a threat. In a way, this time it’s personal.


Proud, idealistic, short-tempered. Marcus is an ideal soldier. He’s blindly loyal to the Legion and will protect his men, integrity and honor of his faction. But this time around his principles must stand the test of time. The incipient war will expose the unpleasant part of all factions. All of them must accept its new rules. And Marcus will have to choose which side he’s on.

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Marcus Villages

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