Nativ Announces Bit-Perfect CD Ripper Powered by Gracenote

Nativ DiscTM brings convenient access to large CD collections, in lossless quality and with rich metadata experience

NativTM today unveiled Nativ DiscTM, a new bit- perfect CD Ripper that allows users to import up to 12,000 CDs into their Nativ VitaTM high-resolution music player. Nativ DiscTM is true plug-and-play and connects to VitaTM via bus-powered USB.

“Although most people stream or download music today many of us still have large CD collections at home.” says Michael Li, CEO and Co-Founder of Nativ. “Nativ Disc provides music lovers with a simple way to add those CDs to their digital music libraries. As a result of our relationship with Gracenote, our customers can access the world’s most extensive music database and innovative playlisting capabilities that deliver a more immersive experience and help them re-discover music like never before.”

To import CDs into the Nativ VitaTM high-resolution music player, users simply insert them into Nativ DiscTM and they are automatically copied to the built-in hard disk drives in lossless FLAC, uncompressed WAV or lossy MP3 format. Nativ DiscTM repeatedly re-reads every CD to ensure a bit-perfect copy of the original performance.

Gracenote will automatically recognize imported CDs and deliver detailed album information and beautiful cover art for more than 200 million tracks to Vita’s stunning 11.6” touchscreen UI. Through descriptive information including genre, origin, era, tempo and mood, Gracenote will also curate mood and activity-based playlists for Vita users.

Pricing & Availability

Nativ DiscTM sells for US$599, with limited quantities available at US$499 during Nativ’s Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign at control.

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