Paul Introduces a Unique Ramadan Menu Blending French Culinary Styles with Indonesian Taste

Paul Indonesia proudly presents its latest menu to welcome the holy month of Ramadan which combines its French cuisine with Indonesian flavors in a special menu dedicated to the special month of Ramadan. Offering an opportunity to break the fast with a light and big meal at Paul.

“To honor the sacred month of Ramadan, Paul Indonesia combines the richness of French cuisine with Indonesian flavors that is served with love. We hope that this Ramadan moment will not only be an opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes, but also a cherish precious time to increase togetherness with loved ones,” said Michelle Hendrawan, Head of Marketing at Paul.

Paul introduces a diverse selection of light and hearty food and beverages for breaking the fast. Both Paul and Paul Le Cafe present slightly distinct offerings at their respective outlets.

Paul’s Special Ramadan Menu

Paul provides several menus for Ramadan starting from the main course of White Snapper Sambal Matah served with spicy sambal matah, mashed potato and salad to start the meal. Then, there is also Chicken Curry, a delicious chicken curry served with rice, and Chicken Leg with Rice & Sambal Matah Kecap, a grilled chicken thigh with mixed vegetables and sambal kecap served with rice.

Then for dessert, there is Date Soft Bread, a sweet bread with added dates and peanut butter, and Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream, a chocolate brownie served with delicious vanilla ice cream. Also, there is the Tarte Banana Bolen available in Whole and Slice versions, with a sweet tart shell filled with banana, chocolate and cheese.

Paul Le Cafe’s Special Ramadan Menu

For Paul Le Cafe itself, they provide a menu for light iftar such as Date Soft Bread, a sweet bread served with additional dates and peanut butter, to a menu that was previously only present at Paul Le Cafe Trans Studio Bandung, namely Millefeuille Martabak which consists of two layers of puff pastry filled with custard cream, chocolate, cheese, and banana.

There are also cold drinks such as Ice Blend Putu Mayang, a pandan juice-based drink mixed with coconut milk and brown sugar, and Ice Klepon Matcha, a pandan juice-based drink mixed with coconut milk, matcha powder, and brown sugar. And finally the Banana Chocolate Date Frappe, a cold drink mixed with bananas, dates, and milk.

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