NMW Aesthetic Clinic Presents Korean Glazed Skin

Appearing More Youthful, Radiant and Brilliant on Eid

  • Achieving high enthusiasm, plastic surgery is able to present health and aesthetic solutions for a brighter appearance
  • Celebrating the fasting month, NMW Aesthetic Clinic holds beautiful ngabubu treatment, offers promos for many treatment packages

The holy month of Ramadan has arrived among us, some of our Muslim brothers and sisters are observing Ramadan. However, did you know that skin health is also no less important? Healthy and well-maintained skin and face reflect discipline and self-care to maintain health, both physically and spiritually. Whole and comprehensive skin care can help you look fresher, fitter and radiant during Ramadan.

Dr. Nataliani Mawardi, Dipl. CIBTAC., or commonly known as dr. Nat, the founder of the NMW Aesthetic Clinic (NMW Aesthetic Clinic) and an aesthetic practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in welcoming the month of Ramadan, stated how essential it is to always implement complete and comprehensive skin protection and care efforts.

In this special moment of Ramadan, NMW Aesthetic Clinic is proud to present its newest aesthetic treatment service, Korean Glazed Skin.

“Korean Glazed Skin is an aesthetic treatment service to get a shining, bright and anti-aging face. “To be able to appear more youthful, radiant and brilliant on Eid, come on and try our newest treatment,” said Dr. Nat.

Further Dr. Nat explained that this treatment is a combination of the Neurotox action with the combination of PDRN Salmon or Exosome, chosen according to the skin type, as well as the Light Pulse Therapy action.

The injection procedure in Korean Glazed Skin is carried out for patients who desire a V-Shape, glowing, bright facial appearance, tighter pores, and what is no less important is the benefits of anti-aging or looking youthful.

“For the Korean Glazed Skin injection, the patient will be anesthetized with cream first, with the procedure taking around 45-60 minutes. This treatment has minimal downtime, results can be seen in less than 7 days, so it is perfect for preparing for Eid. “Korean Glazed Skin can be done for patients aged 20 years and over,” added Dr. Nat.

The Korean Glazed Skin aesthetic treatment service is available at all NMW Aesthetic Clinics and is offered at a special price during the month of Ramadan, namely from the normal price of IDR 3.5 million, getting a discount to only IDR 2.8 million.

Meanwhile, a specialist plastic surgeon from NMW Plastic Surgery Jakarta, dr. Dessyta Sukma Nurmaulinda, Sp.BP-RE, M.Ked.Klin., said that one of the interesting phenomena is the high enthusiasm of the people of Jakarta and its surroundings to get reconstructive plastic surgery services, both with motivation and health and aesthetic backgrounds for the sake of a brilliant appearance.

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