Krispy Kreme Unveils Exclusive Ramadan Flavors in Collaboration with Marjan Syrup

As the sacred month of Ramadan is here, Krispy Kreme introduce a special you to indulge in the sweetness of tradition with our all-new flavors inspired by the iconic Marjan syrup, available in all stores in Jabodetabek from March 8th to April 30th, 2024.

“During Ramadan, it is a time for us to immerse ourselves in spiritual reflection and self-improvement through the practice of good deeds and kindness. This allows us to radiate the light of the heart, known as ‘Pancarkan Cahaya Hati’ to our surroundings. ‘Pancarkan Cahaya Hati’ is also our campaign during Ramdan this year.  A cherished Ramadan tradition for many is the gathering with friends and family.”

“The doughnut experience is versatile, meant to be enjoyed individually or shared with loved ones. Feel free to bring the newest éclair-shaped doughnuts and drinks when visiting homes,” said Avilia, Brand Manager at Krispy Kreme.

What better way to spread the light than by enjoying the iconic and comforting flavors of Ramadan syrup in the form of doughnuts? In collaboration with Marjan Syrup, Krispy Kreme proudly presents two delightful syrup-inspired flavors: Cocopandan and Melon. To add a touch of uniqueness, we’ve introduced a new oval éclair shape, perfect for savoring the essence of Ramadan.

Doughnut Strawberry with Marjan Cocopandan Cream: Topped with chopped peanuts, this doughnut offers the full experience of comforting local taste.

Doughnut Caramel with Marjan Melon Cream Filling: Topped with caramel crumbs cookies, the soft hint of melon sweetness blends well with milky caramel flavors, providing an exceptional experience with every bite.

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