Exclusive Ramadan Menu in 50 Subway Restaurants

Subway to unveil its Limited Time Only (LTO) menu specially crafted for the Ramadan period. This exclusive menu features a delectable blend of flavors and a touch of innovation, available exclusively in 50 Subway restaurants across Indonesia.

Subway is marking the holy month of Ramadan with a special trio of offerings, encompassing a diverse range of flavors to enhance the festive experience. Among these exclusive items are the Beef Pastrami with Mustard Sauce sandwich and to complement the meal, Subway introduces Chai Cookies. Completing the Ramadan trio is the Frosted Mint Tea. This curated selection aims to add a touch of culinary celebration to the Ramadan festivities.

Beef Pastrami with Mustard Sauce

Savor the soft Subway bread complemented by the introduction of a new protein – juicy and flavorful Beef Pastrami. This mouthwatering creation is adorned with crisp, fresh vegetables and a generous drizzle of yellow mustard sauce.

Chai Cookies

Elevate your Ramadan experience with the all-new Chai Cookies – a delightful treat infused with the distinct flavors of tea and Indian spices. These cookies promise to add a touch of warmth and spice to your festive moments.

Frosted Mint Tea

Complete your iftar with the refreshing Frosted Mint Tea. Immerse yourself in the sweet notes of passion fruit, accompanied by the invigorating coolness of mint. This beverage is designed to add a refreshing touch to your breaking of fast.

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