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‘Cerita Rasa’ Returns with Chef William Wongso at 1945 Halal Restaurant 

Culinary aficionados, brace yourselves for an extraordinary dining experience as 1945 Halal Restaurant proudly announces the highly-anticipated takeover by acclaimed chef, William Wongso. The third series of Cerita Rasa promises to delight an Indonesian gastronomy diner with an array of tantalizing dishes that pay homage to Indonesia’s diverse culinary heritage. From time-honored classics to contemporary creations, each dish is a masterpiece of flavor, artistry, and cultural significance. 

Chef William Wongso, a culinary luminary renowned for his mastery of Indonesian cuisine, unveils the highly anticipated return of Cerita Rasa at 1945 Restaurant, a certified Halal restaurant. Cerita Rasa is a series of event that would be highlighting Indonesian gastronomy experts.

Together with the expert hands of Fairmont Jakarta’s Executive Chef, Hamish Lindsay, and Chef de Cuisine from 1945 Halal Restaurant, Vicko Hadisatrya, this collaboration promises to enchant diners with a remarkable exploration of Indonesian flavor, culture, and culinary artistry. 

The third series of Cerita Rasa with Chef William Wongso 

“We are thrilled to having the third series of Cerita Rasa along with the unparalleled expertise and passion for Indonesian cuisine perfectly complement our commitment to providing guests with an exceptional dining experience.” said Executive Chef, Hamish Lindsay. 

The latest iteration of Cerita Rasa is set to transport diners on an unforgettable gastronomy odyssey, featuring an array of meticulously crafted dishes that showcase the diversity and depth of Indonesian flavors. From iconic classics to inventive reinterpretations, each dish reflects the culinary team’s profound understanding of Indonesian culinary traditions and their relentless pursuit of excellence. 

The guest can savor Gohu Urap Pegagan Pomelo as the appetizer, the hearty Binthe Biluhuta Udang dan Kerang Tahu as a soup of the day, and have a big bite of the flavorsome Rendang Wagyu Chuck Tender. Guests can also end their meal sweetly with Sawut Pisang Gula Aren Saparu and Cendol Durian Musang King

Join us to embark on a culinary adventure with Chef William Wongso where every bite tells a story of tradition, innovation through Cerita Rasa at 1945 Halal Restaurant that is available for lunch time at 12 pm – 3 pm for IDR 450,000++ and dinner time at 6 pm – 9 pm for IDR 550,000++. 

For dining reservations, please contact us via WhatsApp Chat at 0815-9159- 247, email [email protected] or simply visit Instagram profile @fairmontjakarta or @1945_restaurant.

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