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Converse Encourages Young People to Echo Kindness and Creativity in This Sacred Month of Ramadan.

During Ramadan, Converse invites you to view every mark on your shoes as part of the inspirational journey. #BacktoCanvas is a declaration to start afresh with new thoughts and attitudes, crafting new creations using the Converse White Collections as your canvas, while remaining stylish throughout Ramadan and Eid.

Converse All Star, fashion stylist and art director, Vita Khairunisa (Atta)  sent a message to young people, “The month of fasting does not mean we fast from creating, with the spirit back to Canvas, let’s paint this Ramadan month with kindness, useful activities and continue your work!”

Converse All Star and art director, Sekar Kusuma, shared, “Converse shoe silhouettes are stylish and adaptable, perfect for pairing with any ensemble, whether for casual outings or family gatherings during Eid. This month, alongside Converse, I’m urged to Return to the Canvas, prompting me to evaluate the creative process and keep exploring, allowing me to create and express more meaningful works with #Converse.”

Meanwhile, Converse All Star and skateboarder, Faisal Azis (Calgo), remarked, “Throughout Ramadan, let your enthusiasm flow, depict your moments of goodness on a canvas, much like the white silhouette from Converse, encouraging you to express yourself throughout this Ramadan.”

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