Valentine Experience with the Delight of Premium Godiva Chocolate

As we step into the early days of 2024, Godiva, a globally acclaimed brand for its indulgent chocolates, unveils a delightful surprise for chocolate enthusiasts. This February, Godiva introduces an exclusive brunch package in partnership with Westin Hotel, providing a memorable Valentine’s experience enriched with a special touch from the florist Lady & Flowers.

Godiva is known for creating exclusive chocolates using high-quality cocoa beans. The brand maintains strict standards in the sourcing and production processes, resulting in a rich and indulgent chocolate experience for its customers. Godiva offers a variety of chocolate products, including truffles, pralines, chocolate-coated fruits, and more. 

This diversity allows customers to choose from a range of options based on their preferences. With a focus on quality and a dedication to delivering a luxurious taste, Godiva remains a top choice for premium chocolates.

Kicking off the year in collaboration with Westin Hotel

The beginning of 2024 kicks off with a special collaboration with Westin Hotel, where Godiva chocolate delights enrich the brunch experience for guests. Enjoying soft serve, a variety of renowned creamy ice creams, is also one of the highlights of this collaboration. 

Godiva’s soft serve is widely known for its smooth and creamy texture, showcasing exceptional standards of quality and craftsmanship. Ensuring a perfect and memorable ice cream experience. Godiva and Westin Hotel partnership is available from January 20 until March 2, 2024.

“Welcoming the beginning of 2024 with a special collaboration with Westin Hotel at Seasonal Tastes restaurant, Godiva presents a slightly different brunch experience for guests with the delightful touch of its signature chocolates. We hope Godiva can provide an impressive and enjoyable brunch experience with loved ones,” expressed Dini Alamanda Arizully – Brand Manager of Godiva.

Romantic Surprise from Godiva for Valentine’s Day

Godiva also presents an unforgettable romantic surprise to celebrate special moments on Valentine’s Day. Collaborating with local florist Lady & Flowers, releasing limited edition Valentine’s Hampers in the form of a Flower Basket and Flower Bouquet. 

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