The 7th World Wellness Weekend

Jean-Guy de Gabriac applauds Fivelements Retreat Bali’s commitment to inclusive wellness at World Wellness Weekend

Fivelements Retreat Bali, recognized as a leading advocate for holistic wellness, proudly engaged in the 7th World Wellness Weekend, a global celebration championing well-being. During this esteemed event, the retreat center’s steadfast commitment to inclusive wellness practices garnered commendation and accolades.

The World Wellness Weekend serves as a worldwide movement uniting diverse venues, emphasizing the paramount importance of holistic well-being. Jean-Guy de Gabriac, the visionary behind this global initiative, underscored the indispensable role of wellness champions in contemporary society.

“We need champions in this world. We need people with enthusiasm,” Gabriac emphasized, reflecting on the transformative impact of prioritizing well-being amid societal shifts brought about by the challenges of the pandemic.

“World Wellness Weekend is an opportunity to say, ‘How can we surprise the guests in a new way? How can we surprise the team? How can we surprise the journalists? How can we surprise the influencers? How can we surprise the bloggers? What can we do differently than what we did last year?” he added.

“And this is why we always have these champions that we honor, those who are the innovators. Those are the ones that try to do things differently, to reinvent”

Gabriac, who recently experienced Fivelements Retreat firsthand, commended the center’s dedication to fostering inclusivity and offering purposeful activities aligned with the mission of promoting wellness for all.

“The core mission of World Wellness Weekend is to promote wellness for all, transcending barriers,” stated Gabriac during his stay at Fivelements. “While Fivelements represents an aspirational retreat center catering to a discerning audience, its philosophy emphasizes inclusion and accessibility, setting it apart as an inspiring beacon in the wellness landscape.”

Gabriac reflected on the significance of a session during the weekend where all participants were encouraged to engage in activities such as yoga, fitness, body combat, and pool house sessions. He highlighted the retreat’s commitment to inclusivity, contrasting it with other venues primarily focused on self-promotion.

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