Luna: Breathing a New Life into the Beach Club Experience

Prepare for an unparalleled journey as Bali’s newest beach club, Luna, emerges in January 2024, offering a fusion of experiential architecture & design, oceanfront infinity pools, an exclusive underground VIP cave club, elevated Tree pods, and nights bursting with epic tunes, dazzling lights, pure fun, and indulgence.

Luna, the highly anticipated immersive beach club situated amidst the lush expanse of Tabanan, Bali, is set to redefine the paradisiacal beachfront experience. Offering a kaleidoscope of sensorial delights and inventive offerings, Luna stands as a testament to innovation, artistry, and environmental harmony.

A Unique Offering

Surrounded by verdant nature, just a short distance from the bustling centre of Canggu, Luna emerges as a sanctuary to relax, indulge, and connect. The avant-garde destination meticulously curate distinctive journeys centered around fun, playfulness, enjoyment, and inclusive celebration.

Immersive Experiences

The Luna Beach Club sits within vibrant greenery and invites guests to indulge in luxury and seclusion amid its serene slate infinity pool, bespoke daybeds, and unique Treepods perched high amidst tropical foliage.

Explore the diverse offerings at Luna – from the culinary haven that is Luna Restaurant, to the kaleidoscopic realms of Jelly Beans, a vibrant gelato bar by day and a mischievous cocktail den by night. The venue features Bali’s only oceanfront Beer Garden, as well as a multigenerational sustainable playground Gardenia, and the Elysium Lounge, a unique and versatile space offering captivating views of the ocean. 

As the day gives way to night, Luna transforms into a pulsating haven, guests can embark on a sensory odyssey within the Utopia VIP Club, a clandestine day-to-night cave club or revel in the captivating light displays radiating from Luna statue itself. 

Artistry & Innovation

Luna Rising embodies the venue’s core, a celestial steel sculpture, that nurtures the grounds and celebrates life. At dusk, a magical transformation occurs — Luna’s dual faces emerge, one embracing the sun and the serenity of the day, the other an adventurous party-seeker of the night.

The Guardians, crafted by artist Daniel Popper, stand sentinel at the entrance to Luna, intertwining ancestral tales and cosmic elements. As day fades, they too awaken in an artful dance symbolizing past, present, and future. 

The Lighthouse, or Tower of Bhuma, crafted consciously from reclaimed timber and rattan becomes a canvas of diverse scenes through projection mapping. A visual marvel and viewing tower, designed by artist Arthur Mamou-Mani, it’s a tribute to nature’s preciousness. 

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