Le Meridien Jakarta Welcomes Ramadan 2024

With Exciting Culinary Offerings and Special Collaboration with Celebrity Mama Rieta

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Le Meridien Jakarta proudly announces its themed celebration, “Le Meridien Jakarta: Your Ultimate Ramadan Culinary Destination in 2024.” This year, the renowned hotel is set to offer a plethora of exclusive culinary delights, collaborations, and special experiences that capture the spirit of Ramadan.

Savor the Flavors of Nusantara with Mama Rieta’s Ramadan Hampers

In an exciting collaboration with the esteemed celebrity and entrepreneur Mama Rieta, Le Meridien Jakarta is set to launch exclusive Ramadan hampers. These specially curated hampers will feature Mama Rieta’s family’s obligatory favorite cookies, allowing guests to indulge in the authentic tastes of Ramadan.

The collaboration extends to La Brasserie, where guests can relish Mama Rieta’s favorite dishes, highlighting the rich and diverse Flavors of Nusantara throughout the holy month.

“Through this collaboration, together with Le Meridien Jakarta, I want to make your Ramadan more special with a selection of Eid cookies which are my and my family’s favorite. I also invite all of you to enjoy Indonesian culinary delights which are a must for me and my family during the holy month of Ramadan” said Mama Rieta.

Largest Middle Eastern Ramadan Iftar Buffet in Jakarta

Le Meridien Jakarta takes pride in presenting the largest Middle Eastern Ramadan Iftar Buffet in Jakarta, featuring over 120 Middle Eastern dishes. From hot and cold mezzah to main dishes spanning the Gulf Region and delightful desserts, the buffet promises a culinary journey through the flavors of the Middle East. Guests will be treated to live performances of Ramadan In-house music and Live Gambus music, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Indian Culinary Journey with Ramazan Thali at Handi Restaurant

Renowned Indian Master Chef Ashwani Mall invites guests to embark on a culinary journey through North Western India at Handi Restaurant. The exquisite multi-course Ramazan set Thali showcases unique dishes traditionally enjoyed during the holy month of Ramazan in India, promising an authentic and flavorful experience.

Dine with Elegance at NO NA MA Restaurant

For an exquisite Ramadan dining experience, NO NA MA restaurant presents “Dinner – Eat All You Can Breakfasting 3.0.” Indulge in a wide selection of starters, donburi, and fresh cut sashimi, tantalizing your taste buds with a diverse array of flavors.

Exclusive Marriott Bonvoy Membership Offer

Le Meridien Jakarta invites guests to enhance their Ramadan experience by enrolling in Marriott Bonvoy for free. As a special offer, Marriott Bonvoy members enjoy a 15% discount on dining at all restaurants within Le Meridien Jakarta.

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