Ayana Bali Honors Bali’s Annual Day of Silence with the Enchanting Nyepi Retreat

Rather than escaping from the stillness of the island’s Day of Silence, Ayana Bali has crafted an authentic experience to fully immerse guests in the essence of Nyepi

As part of its commitment to celebrating and preserving Bali’s vibrant living heritage, Ayana Bali has created an experience for guests to completely immerse themselves in the meaning and magic of Nyepi from March 10 to 12, 2024. Known as Bali’s Day of Silence, Nyepi is part of the island’s most sacred religious festival marking the start of a new year in the Balinese Saka calendar, which this year begins at 6am on March 11.

On the night before Nyepi, known as Pengrupukan, giant Ogoh-ogoh statues are paraded through the streets of Bali to ward off evil elements, and create balance between humanity, nature and the spiritual realm.


In late 2023, Ayana Bali became the island’s best destination to learn about Nyepi, Ogoh-ogoh, and all forms of traditional and contemporary Balinese culture with the opening of Saka Museum.

An important cultural hub for celebrating the island’s creative, spiritual and philosophical expressions, Saka Museum will play a central role in Ayana’s Enchanting Nyepi Retreat, with museum tours having a particular focus on Nyepi alongside several special events.

With Ayana Bali’s Enchanting Nyepi Retreat this experience will be brought to resort ground with its diverse range of cultural immersion and wellness activities, guests will come to understand why Nyepi is Bali’s most beautiful and important time of the year. A highlight for all guests will be the Ogoh-ogoh parade at 4pm on Sunday March 10, which guests are encouraged to join.

Ayana Bali worked with local communities in nearby Jimbaran and Gianyar to create two large Ogoh-ogoh, which will be paraded from Ayana Resort Bali Lobby and Rimba by Ayana Lobby to the area around saka mUSEUM and then to the Saka Garden. The parade will be followed by a special Ogoh-ogoh and dance collaboration choreographed by renowned Balinese dancer, artist, author and educator, Professor I Made Bandem.

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