OBK and ID Hospital Held Beauty Talk 2024 Present DR. Jang Woo Seok and Musician Titi DJ

Titi DJ and Dr. Jang Woo Seok Shares Tips and Knowledge of Post-Anti-aging Surgery Care at ID Hospital South Korea.

Introducing One Beauty Korea, an Agency that Provides Consultation Services and Aesthetic Clinic Plastic Surgery Partners in South Korea.

ID Hospital South Korea, a leading network for plastic and aesthetic surgery, and One Beauty Korea held a consultation and talkshow titled “Beauty Talk 2024.” The event featured Titi DJ, ID Hospital artists and patients, and Dr. Jang Woo Seok, an anti-aging and aesthetic surgeon who treated Titi DJ during her surgical procedure in South Korea.

Dr. Jang Woo Seok shared stories and knowledge about the success of anti-aging surgery in South Korea, tips for post-surgical care, and various knowledge about plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. The talkshow also reviewed One Beauty Korea, an agency that helps anti-aging patients in South Korea.

Dr. Jang Woo Seok, a plastic surgeon at ID Hospital South Korea, expressed his happiness and enthusiasm about being in Jakarta, Indonesia, to provide consultation services and speak at an exclusive talk show event.

He was delighted to reunite with his special patient, Titi DJ, and grateful to see her healthy, happy, and increasingly beautiful a year after her anti-aging surgery in South Korea.

Titi DJ, a well-known Indonesian artist and musician, expressed her gratitude for undergoing anti-aging surgery at ID Hospital Korea a year ago. She is now in good health and looks more brilliant than ever. The success of the anti-aging surgery has led to many confessions from friends, relatives, and the public about her youthful appearance and healthy skin.

Titi DJ explained that she wanted to look fresher and younger for her own happiness and to share her experiences, tips, and knowledge about post-surgical care with others.

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