Celebrating Local Flavors with Tolak Angin Croissant

PAUL First Collaboration with Sido Muncul 

PAUL, the renowned French bakery, is proud to announce its first local partnership in Indonesia with Sido Muncul, a leading herbal company. This exciting collaboration brings together the rich heritage of both brands, allowing the birth of unique fusion of French culinary excellence and Indonesian traditional flavors.

Highlighting the collaboration is the launch of the Croissant Honey Mint, the first-ever Tolak Angin Croissant in Indonesia. This creation marries the iconic French croissant from PAUL with the traditional Indonesian herbal potion, Tolak Angin, creating a one-of-a-kind pastry that captures the essence of both cultures.

In addition to the groundbreaking Croissant Honey Mint, PAUL features other menu items crafted with Sido Muncul products. The Orange Juice Kunyit Asam is infused with turmeric sourced from Sido Muncul, providing a refreshing twist on a classic beverage. Furthermore, the Vegan Ginger Banana Cake incorporates ginger powder from Sido Muncul, offering a delightful dessert that combines French baking expertise with Indonesian flavors.

“After 10 successful years in Indonesia, PAUL is thrilled to embark on this journey with Sido Muncul. Our collaboration not only signifies a landmark partnership for PAUL but also allows us to extend our appreciation for Indonesian heritage through the fusion of our iconic Croissant with Tolak Angin. As we embark on this culinary adventure, we are excited to share these exceptional creations with our customers, inviting them to experience the perfect blend of French sophistication and Indonesian heritage,” said Stephanie Michelle Hendrawan, Head of Marketing PAUL.

“Our partnership with PAUL is an exciting venture into uncharted culinary territory, bringing together the best of both worlds. Sido Muncul, with its deep roots in Indonesian traditional medicine, is thrilled to infuse our high-quality ingredients into PAUL’s renowned French pastries. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing unique and meaningful experiences for our customers,” said Maria Reviani, Vice Director Sido Muncul

Croissant Honey Mint, Orange Juice Kunyit Asam, and Vegan Ginger Banana Cake are available at all PAUL locations across Indonesia, inviting customers to savor the delightful combination of French sophistication and Indonesian heritage.

PAUL’s collaboration with Sido Muncul is not only a culinary fusion but a strategic partnership that extends beyond the kitchen. The decision to collaborate is further enriched by the fact that PAUL’s first standalone restaurant in Indonesia has found a home within the House of Jamu building, owned by Sido Muncul.

About PAUL

PAUL is a French family story. Originally from Croix, near Lille, the capital city of Nord Pas de Calais in France, PAUL’s strength lies in the savoir-faire of 5 generations of bakers leading the brand since 1889. As of today, Maxime Holder is the Chairman of PAUL and is managing 800 branches, in 52 countries in the world. Every hour more than 2,550 croissants are sold by PAUL in the world.

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