Celebrating Chinese New Year at Mulia Bali: Welcoming the Year of the Wood Dragon 

Celebratory Libations 

To complete your celebration, from February 1st to 13th, 2024, indulge in a sensory journey of taste and celebration with our special cocktail and mocktail selection. Let us tantalize your palate with a delightful range of beverages meticulously curated to complement the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year. 

Enchanting Entertainment and Festive Delights 

Mulia Bali believes that every moment should be an unforgettable celebration. To elevate your Chinese New Year experience, Mulia has curated a selection of captivating entertainment that will leave you mesmerized. Be prepared to be enthralled by the rhythmic and enchanting Lion Dance performance, a spectacle that embodies the spirit of festivity and tradition.

And as an extra touch of indulgence, on Chinese New Year Day, February 10, 2024, in-house guests will be pampered with special amenities that capture the essence of the festivities. These thoughtful additions will not only enhance your stay but also create cherished memories of a truly magical Chinese New Year celebration at Mulia Bali. 

Celebrating Traditions, Making Memories 

Elevate your Chinese New Year 2024 celebration with a splendid getaway for everyone, and revel in Mulia Bali’s exclusive room packages, offering both full and half board options. These carefully crafted packages are designed to enrich your festive experience, showcasing exquisite dining at the resort’s renowned Chinese specialty restaurant, Table8.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of Mulia Bali’s accommodations and allow Table8 to guide you on a culinary journey filled with authentic Chinese flavours, ideal for crafting memorable experiences and upholding cherished traditions with family and friends in this propitious season.

As Mulia Bali ushers in the Year of the Wood Dragon, discover an extraordinary Chinese New Year festivity that seamlessly blends luxury, tradition, and magic. Be part of this enchanting celebration, where cherished memories are destined to be made. For more details on how you can partake in the festivities, please visit themulia.com/bali.

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