The Opening of Paul in 23 Paskal Bandung

Following the successful launch of two Paul Le Cafe in Trans Studio Mall (TSM) and Paris Van Java (PVJ) in November 2023, Paul announce the opening of its latest store in 23 Paskal. This marks the 20th Paul establishment in Indonesia, the 3rd in Bandung, bringing the authentic taste of French cuisine to the vibrant city of Bandung.

Embracing the rich culinary culture of Bandung, Paul Classic presents an exquisite menu that showcases the fusion of French sophistication with local flavors. Just like in TSM and PVJ, Paul Classic introduces two special menu items inspired by beloved Bandung delicacies:

  1. Coconut & Pandan Jelly Cake: Indulge in the delightful fusion of coconut and pandan flavors, inspired by the local famous dessert, Cendol.
  2. Banana Chocolate Cheese Tart: Experience the perfect blend of banana, chocolate, and cheese, inspired by the renowned local dessert, Pisang Bolen.

“Our choice to open Paul in 23 Paskal aligns with our objective to provide the distinct flavours of French cuisine to a wide range of communities. Bandung has long been known as a culinary hotspot, and 23 Paskal, with its vibrant environment food culture, is the ideal location for our latest venture,” said Stephanie Michelle Hendrawan, Head of Marketing Paul.

Spanning across 246 square meters, the Paul Classic in 23 Paskal provides a welcoming ambiance, accommodating up to 76 people, offering a spacious and comfortable setting for guests to savor the culinary delights.

Distinguishing itself from Paul Le Cafe, Paul Classic boasts an extensive selection of hot menu options, catering to those seeking a diverse and heartwarming French dining experience. While Paul Le Cafe is designed as a cozy hangout spot with an elevated French café experience.

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