The Argentine Day in Jakarta

On Thursday, November 30, the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Indonesia hosted Argentine Day at Sudestada Jakarta. The event was designed to showcase Argentine products, gastronomy, tourism, and culture and was attended by over a hundred guests from the wine industry, restaurants, hotels, and specialized media.

Argentina has a vibrant culture and offers a wide array of charms to satisfy every palate and attract all kinds of adventurous spirits. From its captivating yet complex wines, including the world-renowned Malbec, to its rich gastronomy, which includes not only pastries and seafood but also its signature dish, asado, the preparation of beef and steak, which is grilled until it is cooked to perfection.

Guests were also delighted with the Argentine traditional drink, mate, an infusion very much like tea that you can drink both from a mug or in the way it is consumed in Argentina, with a metal straw from a small receptacle also called mate. During the event, guests learned the correct way of preparing mate and enjoyed its invigorating properties while pairing it with Argentine sweets like alfajores, or delicious cakes made from Argentine fruits that are available in the Indonesian market.

But food and beverages were not the only things present at the Argentine Day. Guests attending the event were also able to admire projections of Argentina’s landscapes, from the southern region of Patagonia, home of the Perito Moreno Glacier, all the way up to the North of the country, where travelers can find both the dry mountains and deserts of the Northwest as well as the overwhelming Iguazú Falls.

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