Rocka Restaurant & Bar Reopens at Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali

Rediscovering Sustainable Culinary Dining 

Rocka Restaurant & Bar at Six Senses Uluwatu reopens its doors on November 25, 2023, inviting guests to dine at the edge of the Uluwatu cliffs with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean. The architecture of Rocka complements the natural landscape, providing an ambient setting from the first light of day to the serene evenings marked by the glow of fishing boats on the horizon.

Lunch at Rocka honors the rich tapestry of Nusantara flavors, while dinner menus offer a deep dive into the spices of Bali and Southeast Asia. A dedication to fresh, local produce ensures an authentic experience for every guest.

Highlighting its commitment to sustainability, Rocka’s menu benefits from an on-site organic garden that supplies a portion of the ingredients, reinforcing the connection to local resources and reducing the environmental impact.

A standout offering is the Jimbaran Lobster Sambal Ijo, which embodies the restaurant’s dedication to local seafood enlivened by traditional Balinese spice mixes. The culinary authenticity is further celebrated with a selection of live-made sambals, each reflecting the diversity of Indonesian cuisine.

Rocka adapts to any dining need, from a bakery-fresh breakfast and shared Megibung-style lunch to a relaxed afternoon tea and dynamic barbecue dinner, ensuring suitability for any dining occasion.

Executive Chef Indra, Chef Arsa, and the culinary team infuse each dish with their expertise and respect for Balinese culinary arts, offering diners a distinctive and memorable experience. Rocka’s support extends beyond its kitchen to the wider community by procuring ingredients from local markets and fisheries. This not only guarantees freshness but also nurtures the local economy, aligning with Six Senses’ philosophy of sustainability and community support.

Rocka is more than a restaurant – it’s an immersive culinary journey through Bali, underpinned by a dedication to sustainable practices, community involvement, and the pleasure of food.

Rediscovering Sustainable Culinary Dining: Rocka Restaurant & Bar by clicking here and reserve your craft experience by sending an email to [email protected] or contact +62 361 209 0300.

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