Riverside Golf Club to Host Inclusive Mid-Amateur Golf Championship

Riverside Golf Club is set to welcome golf enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds for the prestigious Mid-Amateur Golf Championship on 30 November to December 1, 2023. Renowned for its unwavering support for inclusivity across all levels of the sport, Riverside Golf Club remains committed to fostering a welcoming environment for golfers of varying expertise.

Acknowledged as the Club Champions recognized by the Indonesian Golf Association (Persatuan Golf Indonesia), Riverside Golf Club takes immense pride in its role within the golfing community. The club’s selection as Club Champions underscores its dedication to promoting the spirit of golf while providing a platform for golfers to showcase their skills and passion for the sport.

“At Riverside Golf Club, we stand as advocates for diversity in golf, welcoming players of all skill levels and backgrounds to partake in the thrill of this championship,” expressed Wee Peng Siong, General Manager of Riverside Golf Club from Riverside Golf Club. “We are excited to host the Mid-Amateur Golf Championship, further reinforcing our commitment to supporting golf at every level.”

The Mid-Amateurs Golf Series Championship, endorsed by PB PGI, has emerged as the standard-setting platform for organizing non-professional golf tournaments, offering a format that ensures high-level competition.

Guided by directives from PGI’s Head of Championship and Achievement Division from province committee (PGI Pengurus Provinsi DKI), the tournament has actively engaged golf enthusiasts from Jakarta clubs, encouraging their participation. Plans are in motion to expand this inclusive approach to collaborate with other provincial committee PGI across Indonesia, fostering a nationwide network of golfing excellence.


In 2023, Amateurs Golfers Indonesia successfully conducted three championship series, attracting a diverse range of participants aged between 25 and 55, all united by their passion for the sport. These tournaments provided a platform for golf enthusiasts who are not pursuing golf as a professional career but seek to showcase their skills and compete at a high level.

The series will culminate in Series 4 at Riverside Golf Club participated by 48 golfers, where the Club Champion will be determined amongst these dedicated mid-amateur golfers.

Looking ahead to the exciting prospects of 2024, Mid-Amateurs Golf Championship has unveiled an ambitious schedule that aims to further elevate the standards of non-professional golf tournaments. With six tournaments planned for the upcoming year, including the much-anticipated National Championship category, the tournament seeks to attract a broad spectrum of passionate mid-amateur golfers from various regions.

These tournaments not only serve as a pinnacle of competitive golf at the amateur level but also act as a stepping stone for mid-amateurs aspiring to continue their achievements within the amateur circuit.

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