Grand Opening Casita by El Asador

Casita Barito Invites Indonesian Culinary Enthusiasts to Experience a Delectable Menu with a Twist Inspired by South American Taste

Following the 11th year of success establishing El Asador which consistently serves South American authentic gilled BBQ menu from Argentina and Uruguay, has inspired Dhani Isti Tantyo, Director (PT Kuliner Latinesia) to further expand and develop the second line of business named Casita by El Asador. 

As the second line of business, Casita El Asador features its own uniqueness and specialization in terms of concept and menus, although complement each other under the same brand concept that highlights serving high-quality taste and product of secondary cut of grilled BBQ. 

“The opening of Casita, taken by the word Casa and added by the word ‘ita or ito’ in Spanish, which means a home that provides the unforgettable dining experience in an intimate, comfortable, yet homey setting just like the warmth of togetherness when dining with family, friends and colleagues, “ said Dhani explaining the initial background of developing Casita by El Asador.

Nestled in the exclusive neighborhood of the Barito area, Casita by El Asador is in the vicinity of a greenery residential area and business district in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, additionally it’s only a distance away from Blok M Plaza and Gandaria City Mall, MRT and Trans Jakarta stations.

It is also situated adjacent to the two renowned public parks, Ayodhya and Langsat, which are always heavily visited by locals and communities for spending a great outdoors, running, or other activities. 

Casita by El Asador opens daily, except Mondays, from 10:00 a.m. for brunch or any other casual dining, including arisan, birthday, gathering, or intimate celebrations until the closing hours at 09:00 p.m.

El Asador’s years of reputation are renowned for its semi-fine dining concept, business patron guests, elegant masculine interior layout, and serving of South American authentic cuisines with high-quality secondary cuts cooked on Argentinian traditional Parillas grilled BBQ style on firewood. 

While, at Casita by El Asador, a similar concept will be served in a more casual setting and menu varieties, including Indonesian main courses inspired by South American style, that highlight the high-quality secondary cuts as signature dishes.

For example, Grilled Soto Ayam is an Indonesian traditional chicken-soup dish served with grilled chicken, Steak Fried Rice or Steak Fried Noodle is Indonesian traditional fried rice, or fried noodle served with steak, sunny side up, and salad, as well as Grilled Chicken Fried Noodle is Indonesian traditional fried noodle served with grilled chicken, sunny side up and salad. 

Moreover, guests still have plenty options of for flavorful food and beverage selections, ranging from appetizers, soup & salad, pasta, desserts, cocktails & mocktails, juices & smoothies, beer & wine, and more!

“This variety of comfort food menu is the right choice for guests who want to enjoy togetherness with family or friends, and some items are kid’s all-time favorite meals, and all can be found at Casita by El Asador,” added Dhani.

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