Belvedere Tempo Celebrates SALA’s 3rd Anniversary with DJ wAFF

A night full of fun with the best Polish vodka brand celebrating love and music.

Belvedere TEMPO sparked an exciting night of amusement at Zoo SCBD in South Jakarta on Saturday, 2 December 2023. In conjunction with SALA’s 3rd Anniversary, the event is crafted for devoted music enthusiasts. DJs featured during the night are: Sergio Berlino, Masguna, Reno Renatama, Finish and headlined by wAFF, with visuals by ADXITA.

TEMPO is Belvedere’s high energy music platform with the intention to dominate the party scene by deploying playful creativity and creating an immersive consumer journey. Deliberately curated music events to elevate the brand image and seduce ‘audacious music community’ with our bold and innovative programs. Last September 26, Belvedere conducted Love Tempo featuring the sensational Perky Club as headline act.

SALA, derived from the term “living room,” is a DJ collective and event promoter based in Jakarta. Born out of a conversation in a living room, it aspires to create a platform fostering a community where individuals of all religions, classes, and genders can come together, blend, and dance in unity.

Through their music, visuals and the experience they create, they’ve developed a devoted following in Jakarta and are growing their reputation for good house music and vibes in Bali, throughout Indonesia and beyond. They sum it up best when they say “We want to spread the love and hopefully we can inspire others to pursue their dreams with their own ‘’SALA’’.

Headline act wAFF, originally rooted in the clubland underground of Leeds and Hull, has achieved global renown and widespread respect. His continuous schedule includes performances at major events and venues worldwide.

Currently based in London, wAFF played a pivotal role in kickstarting the underground dance scene in Hull and gained success with his Koala parties in Leeds. As a member of Jamie Jones’s Paradise crew, he has been recording for Jones’s Hot Creations imprint and is the only British artist to have recorded for all three European techno hubs: Cocoon, Drumcode, and Desolat.

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