AXOR x Barber Osgerby Southeast Asia Tour 2023 Unveils in Bandung, Indonesia

The tour serves as a dynamic platform to celebrate and explore the fusion of unique local culture, design, and community.

Earlier this year, AXOR partnered with Barber Osgerby, a prominent London-based design team, to introduce a complete bathroom collection that embodies the designer duo’s concept of luxury. This collaborative program led to the creation of “Skyline,” a series of elegantly designed bathroom fixtures and equipment ideally suited for compact, upscale homes where space is limited, yet the essence of luxury remains uncompromised.

The AXOR x Barber Osgerby’s Skyline collection comprises a unique iteration of AXOR One bathroom fixtures and AXOR Universal Circular Accessories and are offered in various color finishes. However, the Matt White variant stands out as their flagship choice, perfectly aligning with the sense of serenity that Skyline strives to evoke.

Characterized by slim silhouettes, flat surfaces, soft edges, and balanced proportions, the Skyline is inspired by the minimalist and exceptionally popular AXOR One collection. The British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby from Barber Osgerby place a spotlight on the fresh Matt White hue, accentuating the bathroom’s timeless design.

This addition broadens the spectrum of customizable surface finishes within the AXOR One line while also embracing a pivotal color trend in the realm of design and interior architecture.

Showers and faucets from the AXOR One collection can be perfectly complemented with AXOR Universal Circular Accessories like towel hanger and mirror that also come in Matt White. The comprehensive option makes it possible to unify the entire bathroom furnishings in a consistent design language and color scheme.

On November 9, 2023, AXOR, together with its esteemed Indonesian partner, Wisma Sehati, presented the AXOR x Barber Osgerby Southeast Asia Tour 2023 amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Bandung.

This gathering served as a compelling showcase of how the AXOR One Matt White Collection effortlessly harmonizes with the surrounding environment, with the collection thoughtfully arranged within the lush landscapes and tranquil settings.

This presentation underscored its subtle refinement and tireless dedication to sustainability. The occasion united architects, designers, media representatives, and the celebrated Jay Osgerby from Barber Osgerby, resonating with those who aspire to coexist harmoniously with the natural world without compromising luxury.

The AXOR x Barber Osgerby Southeast Asia Tour 2023 inaugural edition symbolizes the brand’s ongoing dedication to pushing the limits of innovation and uniqueness in bathroom design. It reaffirms AXOR’s tenacious commitment to innovation and luxury in the field of bathroom design while also actively fostering connections within the design community.

Drawing inspiration from AXOR’s deep-rooted German craftsmanship legacy and the creative brilliance of Barber Osgerby, the planned series of events across Southeast Asia offers a vibrant stage to celebrate and delve into the fusion of distinct local cultures, design sensibilities and communities, as well as the introduction of the AXOR One Matte White collection.

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