A Symphony of Luxury and Natural Splendour Set in Jakarta’s Green Oasis

Exquisite Haven with Thoughtful Architecture that Transcends Expectations by SCDA Architects

Savyavasa, an award-winning residential development in the Dharmawangsa area of South Jakarta developed by JSI Group and Swire Properties, offers its residents the best of city living with a serene environment curated by SCDA Architects.

Internationally renowned as a multi-disciplinary firm that provides a holistic architecture experience, SCDA Architects combines their extensive design experience and deep understanding of the local context, to seamlessly integrate the elevated lifestyle of Savyavasa residents with the environment.

The development’s vision of blending a rich natural ecosystem with modern luxury architecture comes to life as SCDA Architects unveils their latest masterpiece. “Savyavasa in many ways is a good illustration of the design principles of SCDA. It captures the fundamentals of design which is space and order. The indulgent lifestyle offered by the development is defined through its exceptional amenities, expansive open spaces, and a strong emphasis on privacy,” said Soo K. Chan, Founding Principal and Design Director of SCDA, “The site at Savyavasa is full of natural trees, so the strategy of retaining nature and enhancing nature is very important.”

The core design philosophy of the architect prioritises light, space, structure, transparency, and texture. These principles are embedded in every aspect of Savyavasa’s design, ensuring a development that seamlessly merges functionality, aesthetics, and a strong connection with its surroundings.

Passive design strategies have been implemented to ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor-outdoor living environment, including orientating the building to avoid the most intense sunlight, and application of vertical screens to prevent the sun from direct contact with the double-glazed glass.

SCDA’s architectural vision embraces universal concerns such as the balance of light and air, fostering a sense of wellness. The architect strives to seamlessly extend the outdoors to the indoor living space at Savyavasa, blurring the boundaries between the built environment and the natural world. In addition, the design was inspired by the rich history of the Dharmawangsa neighbourhood, and it has enhanced the neighbourhood’s skyline by envisioning its residential towers as iconic ‘sculptures in the park.

The natural beauty of the surrounding environment is integrated into each room at Savyavasa through the use of longitudinally arranged programs and full-height glazing, offering incredible views of the parkland against the backdrop of Jakarta’s CBD. Deep eaves lead residents out onto generously allocated balconies, promoting an indoor and outdoor living experience that allows them to appreciate the landscape from within their homes.

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