A La Folie: A New Era of Poolside Luxury and Culinary Adventure in Bali

Amidst the breathtaking scenery of Bali, a new era of luxury in beach club experiences is unfolding with the launch of A La Folie Restaurant and Pool by Sunset Hospitality Group. A La Folie is more than just another sparkle on Bali’s lively beach scene; it’s a groundbreaker shaking things up.

A La Folie, named after the French word for ‘madness’, masterfully fuses fun and refinement with its culinary delights, all in a vibrant poolside locale that’s stunning and unique.

A La Folie is a bold statement in the Bali beach club scene. At A La Folie, you’ll find yourself basking in the sun by a stunning pool, indulging in exceptional French-Mediterranean cuisine, and unwinding in an uber-chic lounge bar.

At the core of this place, you’ll find an awe-inspiring pool, flanked by posh sunbeds and cabanas—a perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

A Masterpiece of Beachside Chic

A La Folie’s design captures the essence of elegance and cosiness, infused with the captivating charm of Balinese culture. A chill, boho-luxe vibe flows through the space thanks to soft hues, sleek wooden touches, and modern decor.

A La Folie exudes a relaxed and sophisticated vibe, effortlessly blending earthy tones with vibrant pops of pastel yellow and playful lemon patterns to capture the essence of a beachside paradise.

Setting New Standards in Luxury

Leveraging the seasoned prowess of Sunset Hospitality Group in crafting trend-setting lifestyle brands, A La Folie is carving a new niche in indulgence and entertainment. A La Folie isn’t your run-of-the-mill spot; it’s a Mediterranean retreat blending cool elegance with easygoing allure, all wrapped up in an orchestra of experiences for the senses.

A La Folie’s management crew, with their know-how in operating chic beach clubs, fuses sharp insights and imaginative flair to shape A La Folie beyond just a spot—it morphs into a pace-setting hub for lifestyle trends.

A Mediterranean Culinary Journey

A La Folie delivers creative yet familiar flavors of the Mediterranean. The menu elegantly weaves together the raw beauty of simplicity with the allure of complexity. Guests can enjoy poolside with the Salt & Pepper Squid, a dish where the buttermilk-marinated squid is enhanced by a tangy lime chili sauce, offering a delightful combination of flavors and textures. 

Or the Truffle Croque-monsieur, a classic French favorite, is reimagined with a luxurious twist. In this recipe, nicely browned bread sets the stage for an indulgent truffle-infused bechamel sauce that really takes center stage with its rich and creamy goodness.

Layered with slices of high-quality comte cheese, known for its nutty and slightly sweet taste, and completed with tender, savory slices of ham, providing a perfect balance of flavors.

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