Selimut Nusantara

Additionally, the exhibition will feature his tribute to the majestic Borobudur Temple in Central Java, where he created a fashion show of some of his fabrics in November 2022, in an event held by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology.

Hilmar Farid, Ph.D., the Director General of Culture, also expresses his enthusiastic support for this new project. “Selimut Nusantara” is once again supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, in collaboration with the Paris-based digital startup Best of Indonesia.

All in all, this collection promises to unveil the beauty, richness, skills, and cultural wisdom of Indonesia, particularly from Sumba. The Tenun textiles, woven entirely from natural materials, have played a pivotal role in daily and cultural life for centuries. However, with “Selimut Nusantara”, Hutabarat pushes the boundaries and challenges the role of these “blankets of civilizations” in the international context.

As he states, “I want these blankets to become part of lifestyle, not just for international Indonesians. Each time I work on developing Indonesian heritage, I focus on four main aspects, namely identity, quality, creativity, and simplicity. With these points, I created an East-meets-West scenario. This genderless trend comes with taste and feel, reflecting harmony, not ambition or emotion.” 

“How beautiful they look under the sunrise, sunset, or even the moon. They can be taken anywhere; for a stroll in town or on a luxurious trip where they are bathed in the open sea and stretched to dry in the shipyard,” Hutabarat imagines. 

The “Selimut Nusantara” exhibition promises to be a visual and cultural journey to the international public in Paris – capturing the essence of Indonesia’s rich heritage through Edward Hutabarat’s lens and eternal passion for craftsmanship and the community.

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