Kama Cuisine & Libations Welcomes You to a Season of Festivity

Kama extends a warm invitation to culinary enthusiasts to share the joy of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year with their cherished ones.

Welcoming the festive season, Kama Cuisine & Libations has carefully prepared exceptional dining and drinking programs that should not be missed. This Thanksgiving, Chef Marsya Prihatin presents an exclusive turkey dish skillfully prepared with a blend of secret ingredients that deliver a rich and delectable taste experience. Revel in a feast featuring roasted turkey, charred romaine lettuce, beer gravy, and Yorkshire pudding, accompanied by sweet potato gratin.

Guests can savor the Roast Turkey Platter at IDR 485,000 ++ for 2 people, or the Whole 5.5 kg Roast Turkey for IDR 5,800,000 ++. You can savor this special turkey feast with your family on November 24-25, 2023.

Mark your calendars for December 24, 2023, and join Chef Marsya in crafting unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Dive into a Sunday feast at Kama Cuisine & Libations, featuring a wide array of seafood grilled to perfection, infused with Kama Cuisine & Libations’ distinctive bold flavors. Delight in our Seafood Platter featuring a medley of flavors, including Kombu Garlic Steamed Lobster, Aged Ponzu Scallop & Tuna Tartare, Nuoc Cham Fresh Oysters, and Grilled King Prawns.

The platter is served alongside a Fermented Potato Sourdough Roll paired with whipped sesame and smoked ikura. Conclude your seafood experience with a refreshing Sea Salt Smoked Ice Cream complemented by tahini and honey comb.

This Christmas package is priced at IDR 1,150,000 ++ for two persons. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to savor a one-of-a-kind pavlova dessert, exclusively available on that day.

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