Hennessy Artistry Drives Hype at Hidden Club Semarang Through Spectrum of Hip Hop, Dance and Lights

Special Appearance by Australian-based DJ Fuzz

Hennessy Artistry sets the stage for an unforgettable night in Semarang, Central Java. Following successful events in Jakarta, the party is coming to Hidden Club on November 18, with a special appearance from Australian-based DJ Fuzz Hailing from the Netherlands, Fuzz has made Australia his home, dedicating himself to a thriving music career in the Land Down Under.

Fueled by an unyielding passion for music and exploration, Fuzz’s dynamic performances have graced some of the world’s most prominent stages.

From the iconic Tomorrowland ’22 in Belgium to the renowned Main Square Arras in France, from Malaysia’s Sixbangsar to Hungary’s Balaton Festival, Fuzz consistently showcases his prowess in delivering exceptionalmusic to diverse audiences across the globe.

Preferring not to be confined by any specific genre, Fuzz’s distinctive style is a fusion of Global Club Music, All Things Afro, R&B, and Hip Hop, complemented by his unique productions.

This eclectic musical blend has garnered support from industry giants such as Diplo, Major Lazer, Jarreau Vandal, Laidback Luke, Dillon Francis, and Crookers. Yet, Fuzz remains unyielding in his commitment to artistic growth, consistently pushing boundaries and venturing into new musical horizons.

Hennessy Artistry is Hennessy’s annual event that presents the most talented artists and idiosyncratic music, providing the finest music, entertainment, cool themes, and parties.

This year, Hennessy Artistry goes under the “Diffraction” theme, highlighting a night takeover based on hip hop and dance with content to drive hype through the night.

Combining motion dance performance and exclusive DJ sound pad to drive a powerful and immersive show through lights installation, disruptive materials and parade dichroic crew.

The program is designed to position Hennessy as a leading, pioneering and innovative brand in the nightlife scene. Then grow in consumer engagement and build a loyal night consumer base.

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