Archipelago International Break the MURI Record for The Longest Tempe Mendoan in Indonesia

Archipelago International, Aston Inn & Favehotel Cilacap, with support from 6 talented Executive Chefs from other Archipelago International hotels; Harper Malioboro, Alana Malioboro, Aston Solo, Favehotel Manahan Solo, favehotel Malioboro, Hotel Neo Malioboro, has made history by breaking the World Record and MURI Record, which is creating the longest chain of Tempe Mendoan ever in Indonesia.”

This event is the result of collaboration and hard work between Archipelago International, the management team of Aston Inn & Favehotel Cilacap, and other chefs to celebrate Indonesian culinary culture in a unique and bold way. 

The General Manager of Aston Inn & Favehotel Cilacap, Kasanova Hermawan, who is responsible for this event, expressed, “We are very excited and proud of this remarkable achievement. Breaking the World Record and MURI Record is not just about making history, but also about introducing the richness of Indonesian cuisine to the world. Tempe Mendoan is one of the culinary delights from Cilacap, and we want to commemorate it in an extraordinary manner.”

Winston Hanes, Vice President of Operations at Archipelago International, also added, “We hope that this achievement will serve as an inspiration to the local community and also celebrate the rich culinary diversity in Indonesia. This event is also an expression of our appreciation to all those who have supported us thus far. It is proof that when we come together, we can achieve extraordinary things.”

The preparations for breaking the MURI record began almost two months before the event. The preparations involved gathering various ingredients to create the longest chain of Tempe Mendoan, including 200 kg of wheat flour, 2,100 pieces of Tempe, 180 liters of cooking oil, and 20 kg of green onions. All these ingredients were processed by the Executive Chefs from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM on November 7, 2023, resulting in a chain of Tempe Mendoan that stretched for 532 meters.

The certificate and MURI record medals were presented in the Ballroom of the Aston Inn Cilacap hotel by Sri Widayati, MURI Representative.

She mentioned, “This record also officially becomes a world record, as it highlights the culinary and local wisdom found in Indonesia, especially in the city of Cilacap. Certainly, this will also be a source of pride for the local residents here.” This record is the 11,380th record successfully documented by MURI.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the full support of the participants, guests, and the people of Cilacap who joined in the celebration. Aston Inn & Favehotel Cilacap extends its gratitude to all those who contributed to achieving this remarkable success.

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