Archipelago Food Festival 31st Edition Arrives in Aston Jember with The Theme “Taste of Asia”

The Archipelago Food Festival (AFF) is back, showcasing the culinary excellence of Asian countries, and this time it’s taking place in the city of Jember. This edition of AFF is hosted at the Aston Jember Hotel & Conference Center, serving as the venue for the largest Asian Food Festival on the Tapal Kuda. The event is supported and enlivened by 12 Executive Chefs from various hotel brands under the Archipelago International in the Central & East Java, and Bali regions.

The Archipelago Food Festival at Aston Jember, this time themed “Taste of Asia,” features the collaboration of 12 Executive Chefs from Archipelago International’s group.

These talented chefs come together in this culinary festival to present delicious and diverse dishes from various Asian countries. Led by Chef Denny Frederick, the Corporate Executive Chef at Archipelago International, the 12 chefs participating in the event include Chef Adhon from Aston Jember, Chef Arya from Aston Banyuwangi, Chef Santok from The Alana Surabaya, Chef Alfrendi from Aston Inn Batu, Chef Firman from The Alana Solo, Chef Darmada from Aston Canggu, Chef Komang from Aston Denpasar, Chef Bowo from Aston Inn Jemursari, Chef Herman from favehotel Sidoarjo, Chef Suarmini from NEO Denpasar, and Chef Budi from favehotel Kuta.

“This year, we are proud to host the inaugural Archipelago Food Festival with the theme ‘Taste of Asia’ right here at Aston Jember, and even within the Jember Regency itself. We are delighted to have several Executive Chefs from Archipelago International join us to support this AFF event.”

“With the event, we hope to fulfill the culinary desires of the Jember community by offering unique and rarely found dishes in Jember. Furthermore, we aim to set a trend for F&B enthusiasts in Jember to continue their creativity and innovation,” stated Wahyu Ari Saputro, General Manager of Aston Jember Hotel & Conference Center.

This AFF edition presents a range of signature dishes from 11 Asian countries, spanning Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and even the Middle East. With over 100 dishes on our menu, including appetizers, main courses, desserts, stalls, and beverages, we offer a culinary journey that showcases the diverse flavors of Asia. 

Among the iconic dishes featured in this AFF event, you can savor Coto Makassar from Indonesia, Hokkien Prawn Mee from Singapore, Penang Asam Laksa from Malaysia, Biryani Rice from the Middle East, Teppanyaki from Japan, Beef Bulgabi from Korea, Cantonese Chicken and Peking Duck from China, Tom Yum from Thailand, Tikka Masala from India, Pho Ga from Vietnam, and many more.

“The Archipelago Food Festival is a recurring event that embarks on a roadshow to various cities in Indonesia every month throughout the year 2023. We aim to introduce culinary delights prepared with the finest ingredients and professional cooking techniques by Executive Chefs from Archipelago International hotels. Currently, Archipelago International has expanded its presence in various Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and South American countries.”

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