Starbucks in Indonesia Build Its Foundation on Three Key Pillars

To Commemorate International Coffee Day 2023

Every year on October 1, people all around the world celebrate International Coffee Day, a time to come together, celebrate, learn about, and be inspired by one of the most popular beverages in the world. When we bonded over coffee with more than 5,000 partners (employees) dispersed throughout Indonesia more than fifty years ago, Starbucks altered how people enjoy coffee and reimagined what was possible.

“For Starbucks, International Coffee Day brings partners (employees), customers, and communities together to celebrate our mission of endless possibilities. In Indonesia itself, we will celebrate by prioritizing the 3 main pillars of Starbucks: People, Planet, Coffee,” said Anthony McEvoy, leader of PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, the official license holder of the Starbucks brand in Indonesia.

“For People, we will hold a simultaneous coffee tasting at all Starbucks outlets in Indonesia which will also involve customers on October 1st, 2023, at 13:10. “Wherever you are, we invite all customers to join and enjoy our tradition together over a cup of coffee,” he added. 

“For Planet, in accordance with what we conveyed at the 21st anniversary celebration of Starbucks in Indonesia last May, we will reaffirm our commitment by donating 48 thousand coffee seeds to coffee farmers in West Java.”

“As for Coffee, we will showcase Starbucks as a coffee expert in the industry by launching whole beans that we roast ourselves in Bali, Starbucks® Bali Batur Volcano, as well as launching a new campaign, Coffeenental,” explained Anthony.

Coffeenental is taken from the words “Coffee” and “Continental”. This is Starbucks’ latest campaign in Indonesia which will show how coffee from all continents can embrace the spirit of diversity.

This theme comes to celebrate the rich world coffee heritage demonstrated through a series of Coffeenental merchandise that highlights whole beans from Indonesia (Java, Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi) and beverages made from recipes representing various continents (Asia-Aceh Indonesia, Europe- Germany, Latin America-Cuba, Africa-Algeria). 

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