Mondrian Singapore Duxton Unveils Landmark KAWS Sculpture to Mark Grand Opening 

The highlight of the hotel’s September 1 launch party was the reveal of a 6-metre KAWS bronze sculpture to be on permanent public view, the first of its kind in Asia and a new avatar of the Lion CIty’s most happening precinct 

Mondrian Singapore Duxton raised the roof and lifted the art bar to new heights with a spectacular September 1 launch event which culminated in the unveiling of a 6-meter bronze sculpture by the acclaimed artist KAWS, which will remain on permanent public display in front of the hotel.

As the centrepiece of the Mondrian Singapore Duxton Art Collection and imposing proof of the hotel’s commitment to a philosophy that fuses performance, art, architecture and interior design, the KAWS piece will wow everyone from art aficionados to guests and the public, creating a new landmark in Singapore’s Chinatown. This is one of the most significant KAWS works to be on permanent public display in all of Asia. 

The sculpture, titled What Party, features the artist’s popular character known as CHUM. The iconic figure is the ultimate expression of KAWS’ appropriation of seminal characters from popular culture, expressed as hybridized figures that mirror our collective spirit. 

What Party nudges at the viewer’s subconscious, and is the perfect enduring monument to Mondrian Singapore Duxton’s community of creatives, freethinkers and the wild at heart. What Party will inspire conversations, imaginations and creation. 

Positioned at the entrance to Mondrian on the corner of Neil and Craig Roads, the significant piece is representative of the eclecticism of the Duxton street culture, standing side by side with heritage Singaporean Shophouses, the Pinnacle HDB public housing, while looking to the future with the hotel’s 360 -degree views of the CBD skyline. 

Mondrian Singapore Duxton’s General Manager, Robert C Hauck, said securing the sculpture had been a great coup, and its unveiling had been the highlight of a brilliant grand opening event. 

 “What Party by KAWS is a perfect symbol of what we are all about,” said Hauck. “We are a home for the mavericks and the dreamers, the people who march to a different drum, and now we have our muse, a world class art piece that will draw people from near and far.” 

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